Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Verse for Today
Psalms 3:3 - But You O Lord, are a shield about me, My glory and the One who lifts me up.

The shield is a protective device to safeguard our areas of concern. It gives a great feeling of security for those who are protected by it. Thus it takes away fear, apprehension, confusion and anxiety. The Psalmist testifies to the fact that the Lord is his shield. If the Lord is our shield, there is no need for any other protection for us. He stands on the way of trouble for us so that the trouble would not affect us. Thus the Lord takes away our fear of the enemy and unfavourable circumstances. As the Lord gives protection to His servant, He also gives him exemplary image and lifts his countenance. These acts of our Lord are especially pertinent when God's people go through slander, gossip and distorted stories about their testimony, character and behavior. They are purposely made to be misunderstood and are misrepresented by the enemy and he also misinterprets God's children. Thus the enemy tries to tarnish the image of the child of God so as to make his testimony and public witness maligned. In all these circumstances, the Lord works to put Himself as a strong and mighty shield around His children to give them protection, safety, security and peace in His holy presence. The Lord lifts up the testimony and image of His children in such circumstances. We can see how the Lord protected Joseph when there was so much insecurity around him. Finally the Lord lifted him up as the most acceptable person in the Egyptian civilization to lead the country in times of peril. The same testimony can be seen about Daniel and his brothers in Babylon. The Lord lifted these brothers up so much that even people in authority feared them. Not only that, the Lord kept their testimony high all through their earthly sojourn. Isn't it wonderful to live under the wings of such a Lord who is our shield? What more can a child of God ask for?

Hello, dear friend, are you at present going through fierce attack from the enemy to trample your testimony down? Do you sometimes feel like Joseph, without any single person to show even a drop of sympathy and being totally singled out? The enemy would have used such ploys to thwart you of your job or your ministry? This was what our Lord Jesus went through for us. We read in Psalms 69 that the drunkards of Palestine used to sing dirty songs about our Lord in their pubs. He went through it all and endured it all for our sake so that His power can be available for us as we go through similar situations. When the enemy attacked apostle Paul, he used a lot of theological arguments to question even Paul's apostleship and his call for the ministry. The enemy made Moses to face severe and unloving attacks from his beloved sister Miriam, the very same person God used to protect him while he was a baby. Joseph was attacked by his own brothers without any mercy. David squarely faced his own father-in-law all alone. But in all these circumstances, the Lord was their shield and He protected them all and sustained them for His glory. Not only that, in front of the people the enemy used against them, the Lord revealed His glory in lifting them up and making use of them in a mighty way. This same Lord is our beloved Lord too. He sees and knows what the enemy is doing against us. He is not going to watch the drama of the enemy for long without getting involved. One of these days, the gates of the dens of lions will open wide. Before long, the dungeon will open and the Pharaoh's people will start looking for a subdued Joseph to make him the Prime Minister of Egypt. But as we read in the 'Hall of Fame of Faith' (Hebrews Chapter Eleven), some of us will have to face the enemy squarely and go through all the tarnishing from him. But we have the blessed hope that He will lift us up and glorify us in due season, and till that time, we will know His peace and joy even when we go through the fierce attacks of the enemy. We have the Heavenly guarantee that He will protect us and that no harm will come our way. As we go through it all, perhaps the world around will stamp us as failures, but the Lord will exonerate and glorify us, and will reward us with crowns for all our sufferings for righteousness sake.

Psalms 28:7 - The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him and I am helped.

Thought for Today
There is a place of quiet rest and safety near to the heart of God.

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