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Verse for Today: Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Psalms 91:11 – For He will give His angels charge concerning you, to guard you in all your ways.
The protection established by God for His precious children shows the depth of concern and care He has for them. It also shows how important we are to Him. He values us so much as to give angles charge of us. These angels follow the instructions of the Lord and keep vigil on us round the clock. Our Lord knows that we are vulnerable to attacks from the enemy. He knows how weak we are and how we sink deep into frustration when things go against us. But the awareness of the presence of the holy angels with us all the time gives us courage and confidence to go forward without wavering. The angels protect us in the face of dangers and opposition from the enemy. When we are in need, the Lord uses His angels as commissaries to bring His blessings to us. When we seek direction, the Lord sends His angels ahead of us to show us the way. They protect our feet from stumbling and encompass around us to ward off all the darts from the enemy. Also our hearts are guarded by the Spirit of God and our thoughts guarded by the Word of God at all times. God has thus fortified us inside and outside for perfect safety and security. This arrangement is part of the eternal security He has guaranteed for us. He is as much concerned about our souls and spirits as our bodies because our bodies are also purchased on Calvary along with our souls.  So our souls are protected by the Spirit and our bodies are kept safe by the angels because our safety and security are serious concern for the Lord. Such all-round protection strengthens us for confident living by trusting in the Lord without any anxiety.
Dear reader. Are you aware of the angelic hosts who are in charge of you to give you safety, security and sustenance? The powerful angels of God are in charge of your physical protection. His Spirit who dwells in your heart speaks to you and warns you as you endeavor to do or plan anything in life.  His Word which is deposited in you is the guard for your heart and emotions so as to help you to keep your thoughts and desires pure in the Lord. The awareness of the presence of the angles gives you confidence and courage to face all your situations with boldness and trust in the Lord. Your heart and mind are exercised to put all your faith in the Lord. So you can trust Him to lead you moment by moment on your sojourn. Let us enjoy the confidence and courage because of the divine assurance that our Lord has given charge of our well-being to His mighty angels. So we can face the rough patches in life without fear. When the enemy confronts us and our situations become cloudy, we do not need to be alarmed or in anguish. The angelic presence also helps us to realize how precious we are in the sight of our Lord and how our Lord has established our safety and security while we are here on earth.  The angel of the Lord protected and delivered Peter from the prison. An angel went before Eliezer to lead him to identify Rebekah. We see the angels fighting wars for Joshua, taking evangelist Philip for special missions and giving strength to Daniel in ministry. Angels were deputed to strengthen Jesus in His humanity in the garden before He was arrested.  Today we are covered on all sides by the angels of God to facilitate the fulfillment of God’s will in our lives with assured and guaranteed safety and protection.  
Psalms 34:7 – The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him, and He delivers them.
Thought for Today
The children of God are escorted by the Lord and His angels in all their situations.
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