Sunday, June 17, 2012


Invest for true prosperity!
Verse for Today: Sunday, June 17, 2012
3 John 2 – Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.
The Word of God asserts that spiritual prosperity takes precedence to everything else in life. But the world emphasizes economic prosperity, mental, intellectual and cultural development and good physical health.  The world doesn’t realize that all these are temporary and will not go with them into a Christ-less eternity. The Bible doesn’t abhor such human developments but holds that all these are far less significant when compared to spiritual prosperity. If one is spiritually progressing, it would help him to utilize all other prosperity for the glory of God and for the furtherance of the gospel. Any prosperity without spiritual health would lead one to an ungodly life and become partners with the evil of the world system. God wants all to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ so that they would be born as spiritual persons. Then they can use all their human faculties for spiritual prosperity and for the glory of God.  In God’s economy, all achievements of our human facilities without spiritual growth and development would be a colossal waste. Spiritual prosperity means spiritual growth, ardent and strong faith in the Lord and in His Word and increased trust in His power to accomplish great things in our lives. A spiritually prosperous person will put all his faith in the Lord in all matters of human endeavor. He will continuously devour on the heavenly manna and drink from the streams of living water to help him spiritually prosper and grow. He will seek the help and favor of the Lord through intense and importune prayer in all matters of life. Spiritual prosperity also means having a large number of spiritual children with whom one’s quiver will be full. Spiritually prosperous person will be involved in silent or audible ministries for the Lord so as to strengthen God’s people and to bring more souls to the Kingdom of God. His heart will overflow with the joy of the Lord and his lips will speak of the great things of the Lord of all sufficiency who meets all his needs according to Christ’s riches in glory.
Dear reader, are you prosperous in spiritual matters? Do you have a deep craving to flourish spiritually? If you want to be spiritually prosperous, you have to invest your life with all your human faculties, treasures and time in God’s matters. If you do so, your God will give you increase in your faith, trust and joy and make you spiritually strong to weather away the storms that you might be faced with. If He entrusts you with physical health, it is to enable you to serve the Lord and His cause here on earth. If you have good memory and a sound mind, it is to memorize the Word and to use it to minister unto the needy souls around you. If you have economic prosperity, it is to be invested in the work of the Lord so that you will find great dividend when you reach Heaven. A person who is prosperous in world’s ways, but poor in spiritual matters is indicates wrong priorities and investments in life. When we are spiritually prosperous, we would find comfort in the Word of God in times of struggles, failures, loss, frustrations, rejection and loneliness. Spiritual growth and strong faith will help us through spiritual warfare when we are engaged in battle with the enemy of our souls. We are warned to beware of spiritual retardation, spiritual sickness, spiritual starvation and consequent spiritual weaknesses and slumber.  Let us invest our lives and faculties in spiritual matters so that we would find abundance of spiritual growth and prosperity in our souls to weather away the storms that the enemy brings in our situations and the battles we fight in the spiritual realm. Our Lord is out there to help us walk on the pathways to spiritual prosperity as He meets all our other needs.
Psalms 36:8: - They feast in the abundance of Your house; You give them drink from Your river of delights.
Thought for Today
A person who truly craves for and enjoys spiritual prosperity will not have any desire for worldly prosperity.
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