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Fortress School of Guidance!
Verse for Today: Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Psalms 31:3 – For You (Lord) are my rock and my fortress; for Your name sake You will lead and guide me.
When circumstances buffet the child of God, he has always the opportunity and privilege to flee to the Lord who is His never-changing Rock and Fortress. The Lord is the Rock whom no circumstance will destabilize. He is the Fortress that can accommodate all the weary and miserable travelers. He is available for His children to confide and take shelter and refuge. He welcomes His children to come to Him no matter how cumbersome their circumstances are. He will not scold a crying child who knocks at His door for refuge and alms. He will not despise the destitute and the poor who seek His help and support. He will not ill-treat those who depend on Him. In fact, He knows that all who go to Him are poor in spirit and humble. When we admit our depravity and helplessness and as we confess our fear of the enemy, He will hold us close to Him and cover us under His wings. No arrows of the enemy will ever penetrate His fortress which is built with the Rock of Ages. It is vast and has sufficient room for all who go to Him. If we recognize Him as our Rock and Fortress, we would run to Him for cover without any hesitation. When we knock at His gate, He will open and with His nail-pierced hands usher us in, not as refugees, but as His beloved children who have His love to share from His bosom. When we call on His name, His entire powerhouse opens up for us because taking His name on our tongues is like touching His Throne of Grace by faith. He will never despise and reject any one who approaches Him and calls upon His name. Once we are in His Fortress, He takes us into His inner chamber for personal encounter with Him where necessary guidance will be imparted in our souls. The Heavenly Fortress is available for us for the asking as all the expenses for it were paid by Him with His life and blood on Calvary’s cross. If we do not go to Him and take advantage of it, we are the losers and will have ourselves to blame.  
Dear reader, are you being tossed around by difficult and painful circumstances? Are you intimidated by the evil tongues which misrepresent and misinterpret your motives? Do you face unkind and false criticisms for the acts which you have not committed? Are you forced to restore what you have not taken away? Remember, your Lord had to go through such experiences while He came to save you from your sins. God’s servants like Joseph, Moses, Jeremiah, Nehemiah, Paul and others went through such experiences from the enemy of our souls who intimidated them. In all such circumstances, they confided in their Lord who welcomed them to His fortress which was His holy presence. They found comfort and encouragement in His presence and recharged their spiritual batteries to keep going. The enemy was committed to distract, slow down and confuse them in their mission, but the Lord guided and led them in His path with relentless faith. He gave them heavenly bread and living water to restore their sagging spirits and revived their tired emotions to rise up again like phoenix birds to fly into new vistas of faith and trust in the Lord.  His fortress is a school for us to be trained in guidance and counseling which will lead us into safety, security, confidence, trust, courage and peace to face our troubled situations to come out victorious. So dear reader, keep knocking at the door of the Fortress of the Lord and cling on to the rock for sustenance and progress in our walk with the Lord.
2 Samuel 22:2 – The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer.  
Thought for Today
God’s Fortress School is the best setting to learn trust, faith, confidence and courage to equip us to face troubled situations and fierce attacks of the enemy.
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