Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Dwell, Sing and Shout! 
Verse for Today: Tuesday, June 5, 2012
Psalms 118:15 – Shouts of joy and victory resound in the tents of the righteous; “The Lord’s right hand has done mighty things!”
A tent is the most unlikely place to resound shouts of joy and victory. It is a temporary abode and its dwellers keep moving. They face uncertainty. They experience the blowing of heat, wind, rain or snow against them.  Despite all this, the child of God lives with contentment in a tent. He is always willing to relocate and move on. His tent is the place of singing and making melody because his Lord keeps him fearless inside and helps him march forward. He attributes his victories to the great and awesome work of the Lord for him. He is not embarrassed to shout joyfully in front of others because he has always something to celebrate and declare. His abode in the tent reminds him that the only permanency he has is in the Lord who is his never-changing Lord. He looks to the Lord each day for victory over his enemies and the wild animals that come to attack him. He knows that with the Lord in his tent, he can enjoy safety, security and fearlessness in spite of his dangerous environment. He enjoys sustainability by the mighty hands of his Lord. He knows that his Lord fights all his battles on a daily basis. So even when the tent of the child of God is in the midst of danger, enemies and instability, he has a lot to celebrate. He enjoys the victory that his Lord grants to him on a daily basis. This Lord is our Lord who dwells with us in our tents and leads us forward in our sojourn. He meets our needs and gives us victory in all our battles as He takes our battles into His mighty hands. He carries our burdens and strengthens our hearts to face our daily situations. He carries our cares as we cast it all on Him. He gives us the right songs in our hearts and mouths to declare His mighty acts in and for us. When we enjoy His favors, it prompts and empowers us to shout for joy.
Dear reader, are you joyful in your tent today? Is there shouting of gratitude and happiness coming out of your tent even though the situation outside the tent is not safe and secure? Is your experience in the tent one of instability, anxiety and uncertainty or is it a place of victory and fulfillment? When your Lord dwells with you in your tent, it is as if you are dwelling in His tent. When the Lord comes to dwell in your tent, it instantly becomes the throne room of the Lord where He rules and overrules your life situations.  When your Lord rules your heart and imparts His peace which passes all understanding, there is no need for you to be anxious about what happens outside your tent. He takes over your concerns and makes them His concerns. He does what is necessary at the right time to defeat the purpose of the enemy who tries to attack you. His holy presence transforms your heart to a resting place in Him for your thoughts and aspirations. He led Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to live in tents and made them examples of happy people in spite of the great battles which they had to fight. His peace ruled their hearts even when there was turmoil outside. When the winds of discouragement, conflicts, failures and losses beat their tents, they stood the test of their faith and prevailed over all their circumstances and situations. Remember how the tent-dwelling Jacob had the privilege to bless the rich Pharaoh! Jacob also appropriated all the blessings of the Lord at Peniel and lived on the basis of the vision he received at Bethel. It is most exhilarating to realize that we are in the Lord’s tent and we enjoy the freedom and leading of His Spirit to praise His mighty name and sing to the power of His glory in our lives as we continue to live for Him.
Genesis 13:18 – So Abram moved his tents and went to live near the great trees of Mamre at Hebron, where he build an altar to the Lord.
 Thought for Today
Dwelling with the Lord in His tent takes away all our cares, burdens and anxieties and makes us shout for joy.
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