Thursday, June 21, 2012


Delight from distress!
Verse for Today: Thursday, June 21, 2012
Psalms 107:6 – Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress.
Blessed are the people who have the Lord to cry unto when they are in trouble and distress. Trouble and distress are not uncommon among God’s people. Life in this world with all its burdens and battles lead them to distress. The troubles and trials they face in life and their inability to handle it leads them to cry unto their Lord for help. Their cry comes out of their anguishes and helplessness, exasperation and misery. But their cry is also because they know that their Lord will listen to them because they approach Him with a broken heart. They also know that He is the Lord of all compassion. When Hagar cried, He went after her and resolved her difficulties. When Rachel cried, He remembered her and gave her two children. When Hannah cried, He met the desire of her heart in several fold. The cries of David reached Him and He answered the tearful prayers of David to lift him up from hiding. When Nehemiah cried, He equipped him to put things in order in Jerusalem. Our Lord heard the cries of the people of Israel and led them out of Egypt and turned their tears into joy and praise. When Jeremiah and Paul cried in the middle of their ministries, the Lord answered them and enabled them to see the good results of their hard work for Him. Today our Lord is with all His children who cry unto Him in their trouble and distress. He goes to them and wipes their tears. He turns their weeping into joy and their troubles into delights. When they are in distress, He comforts them and gives them songs of joy and praise. He delivers His children from their distress by giving them hope and confidence to face their troubles. He fills them with His wisdom to deal in their troubles and find victory in their situations. He extends this ministry to His children through His Spirit and Word as they spend time with Him in His presence. He also interferes in their seemingly impossible situations to bring about solutions. Thus our troubles become pathways through which our Lord gives us victory, peace and joy.
Hello reader, are you in distress today because of the troubles you are confronted with? Are your troubles making you cry in helplessness? Perhaps there is no one around you who would come and comfort you. There might be people who would use the situation to find fault you and criticize you unkindly. Some might even say that your troubled situation is the result of God’s punishment. Thus when you get exasperated and intimidated by the heat of the troubles you are faced with, you might be shedding tears in the lonely hours of the night in some corner of your home. It is at that time that your Lord comes to you to open the floodgates of comfort and peace. He is near you all the time and He knows all about your situation and the source of your trouble. He understands how weak-willed you are and how you are emotionally shattered. When you cry unto the Lord, He comes to you to fill your heart with His Spirit who is the Spirit of love, peace and joy. As He comforts you, He gets into your troubled situations and straightens out things. He also gives you the wisdom to do what you can as He enables you. He finds answers to your puzzles and gives you the boldness to face the situation and leave the consequences to Him. Through His comfort, you will be enabled to praise Him for all the lessons you have learned about handling your troubled and distressing situations by faith. Today the Lord wants you to hand over all your troubles and distresses to Him so that He can turn it all into songs of victory and praise.
Isaiah 25:4 – (O Lord) You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat.  
Thought for Today
When we cry unto the Lord in trouble, He comes to transform our misery and distress into delightful joy.
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