Monday, June 25, 2012


Hindrance becomes help!
Verse for Today: Monday, June 25, 2012
Exodus 14:22 – The waters were divided, and the Israelites went through the sea on dry ground, with a wall of water on their right and on their left.
When God’s children are faced with opposition and hindrance, and when they are tempted to quit, God sometimes turns the hindrance into help. He uses the very same forces which oppose His children to support them. Haman who vehemently opposed Mordecai was used by God to take him around proclaiming his honor. We find support coming to David during his exile from the enemies of Israel. The flood waters which destroyed the people of earth held Noah and his family safe till the flood was over. The storms which buffeted the disciples in the middle of the sea helped the disciples reach the shores in no time. The Roman Empire was used by God to protect and safe keep Apostle Paul until he completed his ministries without which the Jews would have annihilated him. The lonely Patmos became the most serene setting for Apostle John to receive the Revelations of Jesus Christ.  Moses and the people found the waters of Red Sea a great hindrance to their sojourn. But God turned the waters of the Red Sea into water walls to protect them and keep them on track. Our God works in our lives to our utter amazement to see us through in times of stiff opposition and hindrance. Today He is with us and He leads us through the enemy territory to accomplish His purposes in and through us. He can use the most unexpected corners to serve God’s children in their sojourn so that they would march toward Zion even through the hindrances.
Dear reader, are you facing some blockages on your way forward? Are you frustrated because you see hindrances in front of you? Are these stumbling blocks making you think whether it was right for you to follow Jesus? Don’t you be tempted to quit or go back from the pathway the Lord has brought you so far! He who has called you out and set you on the path of faith will take you forward no matter what the opposition might be. He who walks with you from the beginning will be with you till the end of the journey. He who has been faithful thus far will be faithful to help you run the race and finish the course. He who supplied all your needs till now will meet all your needs according to His riches in glory. He who created the elements will use it to pave the way for you for safe passage. He who holds your hands will not take His hands off. If you find some hindrance on your way, you don’t need to be alarmed because your Lord has already chalked out a way even through the hindrance. He sometimes creates a prayer room for you inside a lion’s den and prepares a time of heavenly fellowship in a fiery furnace. He will turn your hiding cave or pit into a time for you to be the skillful writer of eternal Psalms of God. Even at the wine press when you hide and thresh wheat lest you be found out by the enemy, He will fill you with heavenly vision and encouragement to keep going. He makes the army of the enemy flee and leaves large quantity of food so that God’s people can survive. He turns the dungeon at the house of Potiphar into a platform to lift Joseph to become the Prime Minster of Egypt and to develop a plan to save mankind.  God can use the threatening waters of the Red Sea to become water walls to stand guard His children to pass through. Today He is prepared to use even the forces which seem to oppose you to become your servants so that you will march forward victorious and jubilant. All He expects from us is to trust Him and put all our faith in Him to take us forward without fail. So let us march forward with relentless trust in our Lord on His pathway and make it an adventure of faith.
Hebrews 11:29a – By faith the Israelites passed through the Red Sea as on dry land.
Thought for Today
The exercise of our faith in our Lord will see even the hindrances becoming a help and a support.
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