Monday, June 4, 2012


Glean for fulfillment!
Verse for Today: June 04, 2012
Ruth 2:19a – (Ruth’s) mother-in-law asked her, “Where did you glean today? Where did you work?”
It is important where we glean each day of our lives. There are so many fields in this world which attract us to glean from. They give us temporary satisfaction, but what they provide only make us desire more of their supplies which never truly satisfies. They are good to look at and seem to be tasty when we first take a pick. But eventually they control our whole person and bind us to themselves which is difficult to break. Their resources create more and more thirst for the same thing with no way to stop. The world offers to give us wisdom, knowledge, recognition, appreciation, influence, power, prestige and prominence. As we take the first bite, we will develop taste for more and will put in all our efforts to earn more of it. Ultimately we will be ruined by it with total emptiness in our lives. This proves to us that it is important where we glean. Our choice determines the extent to which we are bonded to any force on earth. At the same time, we are given the privilege to glean from the field of the Lord Jesus. His field is full of good things which will satisfy us and give us fulfillment in life. His field is filled with His love, grace, peace, joy and rest. We are invited by His Spirit to glean from His field. We do not need to devour, but to simply glean and what we pick up will be sufficient to fulfill every desire in our hearts. When we taste the goodness of the Lord from His field, we would not have the desire to go back to the fields of the world. Our Lord gives only that which is good for us. His goodness transforms us into His character as we choose to glean from His field. Our lives will then be moved by His love with which we will love all that He loves and hates all that He hates. His grace will give us the impetus to deal in all issues related to us and others with compassion, patience and maturity. His peace will help us to be peaceful in all circumstances even when we are unable to understand the intricacies of our stressful situations. His joy will transform us to be joyful in the most difficult circumstances and in spite of it. His rest will enable us to rest in Him in all our situations which might be full of problems, failures, losses, shortages, weaknesses, resentment, rejection, loneliness and isolation.
Dear friend, are you gleaning the right things at the right place in your life today? Are you picking up the best from the most benevolent Lord Jesus and filling your life with His goodness? Is His love saturating your whole being with Himself? Remember, His love has no strings attached to it and no conditionality. His love comes to you when you experience isolation, rejection and hatred from others. His grace equips you with the potential to accommodate the most difficult circumstances and deal with the most difficult people for the sake of Jesus. His peace helps you to hope against hope through the darkest horizons of your days. When there is turmoil, thunder, storms, waves, fire and flood, His peace settles your heart and mind on Him who is the immovable Rock. His joy makes your heart filled with His bliss when your situation is painful with emotional afflictions and anguishes. He gives you rest when your emotional environment is volatile and restless. Today the Lord Jesus invites you to glean from His field and find fulfillment in life. You can find His field in His Word, His presence and His vineyard and you will never exhaust picking up His goodness from His vast and blessed field.
Psalms 23:2 – He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside the quiet waters.
Thought for Today
When the field of the Lord is full of His goodness which guarantees absolute fulfillment, it is a waste of opportunity to seek satisfaction in the Vanity Fair of this world. 
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