Friday, June 8, 2012


Filled lives and hearts!
Verse for Today: Friday, June 08, 2012
Psalms 145:15 – The eyes of all look to You, and You give them their food at the proper time.
In times of dire need, we need a place and a person to look up to. All creatures look for help when they are in need. Children look to their parents for help. Servants look to their masters for help. But all help comes from the Father in Heaven who supplies all needs through the provisions He has made in this world. As He is the Father of all creation, they have every right and freedom to look to Him to meet their needs. But for God’s children who acknowledge Him as their Father through Jesus Christ, they look unto Him in a special way. He is their Father by creation and by salvation. They have trusted Him for all aspects of their lives. He knows all their physical, emotional and spiritual needs and has enough provisions to meet all their needs at the proper time. They move forward in life by trusting in His resources and His enabling to appropriate all that He has set apart for them on a daily basis. They look unto Him with the eyes of faith, fully trusting Him to meet all their needs. He gives them guidance, directions, instructions, ideas, thoughts and aspirations which take them forward. When they are in need, they exercise their faith in the Father to provide for them at the right and proper time. Their Father is compassionate, loving and patient with them. He forgives their faithlessness and teaches them to walk by faith.  He gives them desires and provides them with the means to satisfy these desires. He has given them eyes of faith which sees far beyond what the physical eyes can see. They see the unfathomable depth of the reservoirs of blessings their Father has reserved for them. With such a benevolent Father, there is no disappointment or shadow of doubt. His capacity to give is enormous and unparalleled. His willingness to give is far beyond all expectations. Today He wants us to look unto Him for all our needs.
Dear friend, are you a needy person today? Perhaps your needs spread around the physical, intellectual, emotional and social realms and reaches up to the spiritual spectrum of life. It is so difficult for man to sit down and make a realistic estimate of all his needs. But we have a Heavenly Father who knows it all in its depth, width and breadth. He gives to meet all our needs in the right quantity and quality. He is prompt and will not fall short of our needs and expectations. In fact, He has asked us to expect great things form Him. If we are serious about what we want from Him for His glory through our lives, we are bound to ask and He is willing to give us. He gives us physical food and water to nourish our bodies. He is also willing to give us spiritual food and water for the growth and development of our inner person. For us to desire and receive what He gives us, we must have the right appetite and thirst. Our appetite depends on our relationship with the Father and the desire we have for His Word. When our relationship with the Father is on the basis of our broken and contrite hearts, we would have the desire for His Word to nourish and fill us. He also gives us His love which satisfies our emotions as well as our spirits. Let us today look unto the Father with a longing to be closer to Him and to be filled with Him and His Word. The deeper our desire, the greater will be our earnestness to ask the Father to give us His best. He will answer such prayers of His children and will fill us with His best to help us grow in spiritual stature. Let us today desire the Lord and His best to fill our lives, hearts and aspirations.
Psalms 20:4 – May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed!    
Thought for Today
Blessed are those who look unto the Lord, for they shall be filled with His glory in their lives.
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