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Watching and warning!
Verse for Today: Wednesday, June 06, 2012
Psalms 121:7 – The Lord will keep you from all harm – He will watch over your life.
Life is full of experiences which pose both constructive and destructive episodes.  Many of these experiences are the result of the interplay of human weaknesses and failures on the one side and the sinfulness of man on the other. We live in an environment of iniquity which is reflected in all aspects of human life. But the child of God is a special target for the agents of iniquity who try to put us into difficulties and harm us in every walk of life. Our environment is manipulated to create fear in us and to thwart our confidence in the Lord. We are engaged in a war against the forces of iniquity and evil. The enemy of our souls targets us with ways to destroy us emotionally, socially and physically and to weaken our faith and trust in the Lord. Knowing this well, our Lord prepares cover for us under His shadow and wings. He is the keeper of our bodies, minds and spirits safe from all harm. He knows the harms which the enemy of our souls tries to send our way and He protects us by covering us with His glory. He has also appointed His holy angels to guard us all around. He watches over us and warns us through His Spirit about impending danger so that we can keep away from it with His help. It is the will of God that we keep away from all harm and so He prepares all resources required to help us be warned and to take appropriate action. When the Lord watches over us, we also have a responsibility to watch over ourselves. When we are faced with harmful and destructive events in life, we need to use the whole armor of God to fight against it. Our armor includes faith and the Word which will help us if we stand strong on the shoes of gospel and the helmet of our salvation. As the Lord guards us, we are to become fit instruments in His hands to fight the enemy of our souls. The secret of our victory in dangerous situations is the partnership we have with the Lord to stand together.
Dear reader, are you aware of the precarious situation you are in because the enemy of you soul tries to put you into spiritual jeopardy? The physical difficulties you are put into are to weaken your faith and trust in the Lord. Do you realize that the enemy usually works first through your physical and emotional realms of life to reach your spiritual life to weaken you? But there is a way out of the treachery of the enemy which is to put all your trust in the Lord. The purpose of the enemy is to ultimately thwart the plan and purpose God has for your life and he knows well that the way to weaken you is to weaken your faith and trust. He knows also that the best way to cast doubt and confusion in your heart and ultimately weaken your faith is to touch your body and emotions. But our Lord is out there for us and His eyes are on us lest we become weaker in our faith. He strengthened Peter lest he might become weaker. The Lord went after Peter at a time when his faith was deplorably weak. He was with Joseph in the pit and the dungeon where he was locked up by the enemy from becoming what God wanted him to be. The Lord strengthened his faith and helped him to keep renewing his faith. Our Lord was with Paul and kept him from all evil until he was able to run the race and finish the course for which he was called. The Lord kept Daniel from all harm until his prophetic ministry was completed. He kept the heart and mind of John even in a lonely island to continue with his ministry. He never sleeps nor slumbers and keeps watches over His beloved children lest they be defeated. He also equips them to be diligent and watchful lest they fall. Today His promises give us added confidence and courage to face difficult life experiences and to come out victorious.  
Psalms 121:3 – He will not let your foot slip – He who watches over you will not slumber.
Thought for Today
The Lord keeps us under His shadow and wings and watches over us while He also warns us to be watchful lest we fall.
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