Saturday, February 23, 2013


Camels are coming!  
Verse for Today: Saturday, February 23, 2013
Genesis 24:63 – (Isaac) went out to the field one evening to meditate, and as he looked up, he saw camels approaching.

God has promised that if we take our hands off our situations, He will show us how He rules and overrules it according to His perfect will. We are also promised to seek first God’s kingdom and His righteousness and remain in His will for Him to grant us all our needs. Isaac was brought up in a spiritual home where truths about the promises of God were experienced. He knew that his father had sent out Eliezer to find God’s choice for his life partner. It has been around six months since Eliezer was gone in search of the person God had already prepared for Isaac. While Isaac waited patiently for God’s choice to come to his life, he used his time meditating on God’s ways. His sanctified imagination would have enough reasons to praise God for what God was doing in and for his life so that he can continue to be a blessing to the whole world. It is also wonderful that Isaac didn’t look around for God’s choice, but looked up to see what God would send his way. When he saw the ten camels coming his way, he knew that His God’s choice was coming to him. He looked by faith, went to the entourage by faith, heard the amazing story of God’s magnificent leading by faith and met the choice of God for him by faith. Rebekah was Isaac’s reward for seeking after God and His righteousness and waiting patiently for God to act at His best time in His unique ways. Today God is looking for His willing and surrendered children who commit themselves to seeking after His will so that He can give them His best.

Dear reader, are you concerned about finding God’s will in the vital areas of your life? Are you impatient and restless to see why things are not working out according to your desired time frame? But you have to first of all trust God to search and find His choices for you in terms of job, life partner, dwelling place, ministry, friendship, fellowship, healing and the like. His time is never late or early as He works based on divine calendar and clock. Secondly, God is working for you behind the scene and He will reveal His will at the right time. God has chosen the best for your life to meet all your needs in the physical, emotional, social and spiritual realms of life. Thirdly, God expects you to demonstrate your trust and faith in Him by meditating in His presence and leave your choices to Him. He doesn’t want you to get exasperated by looking around. He wants you to look up to Him to reveal His will for you. As you look only unto Him, He will send His choices to you which will amaze you to praise Him because what He gives is always far superior to what you would have found on your own. His choices will be need based and appropriate for your situation and personality. His choice is prepared and groomed by Him to give a spiritual balance to your life. One of these days, His ‘camels’ will come with good news which will enable you to receive His choices and lead you to accept and acknowledge it with praise. What God finds, prepares and brings to you will always be best and it will be proved over time as you enjoy the blessings which accrue through it. God will not deny you His best if you trust Him.  His delays are not denials. He waits to prepare you to receive His best in your situation.  Today is another opportunity for you to meditate on what God is going to do for you and wait patiently for Him to bring it to you as you look up to Him.

Psalms 37:7a – Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him.

Thought for Today
If you are still and waiting in God’s presence, you will not grow weary, but will be renewed and refreshed to receive His best. 

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