Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Daybreak is coming!
Verse for Today: Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Psalms 30:5b – Weeping may last for the night, but a shout for joy comes in the morning.

Night brings in darkness, loneliness and isolation. Usually we endure more pain, apprehension and fear during the night. It increases the grief of the sorrowful as there is no one around to comfort and encourage. As we go through rough experiences in life, night seems to be long and never ending and we long for the day to break. Sure enough, day breaks and brightness floods into our perspectives. As each night sets in, God comes to tell His suffering, grieved and lonely children that the night will not last forever. God reminds us that our experiences of darkness, pain, misery, persecution and isolation will not last forever. God has already shed the glory of His Son into our affairs to brighten our hearts and faces. His warmth will take away our cold, damp and lonely lives. When the Son shines in our lives, all the darkness will disappear. Jacob had that assurance through a vision at Bethel that his night will soon be over and that a bright day of fellowship, family, livelihood and meaningfulness will set in to make him a prince with God. Joseph had the assurance through his dreams that his life in the pit or the prison will not last for long and will give way to elevating him to the heights of God’s will for him and for the entire humanity. When God shut the door of the ark, Noah knew by faith that one day soon the hands which shut the door will also open it to a new world with a new horizon of a beautiful rainbow. Peter believed that the prison gates will open before him for greater ministries. God had already planned for John Mark to be discipled by Peter and for the Gospel according to Mark to come out apart from the two Epistles by Peter himself. Paul knew that the storms and the winds will end and that he would safely land in Rome. Today our God comes to reassure us that the night that we go through will soon give way to a brighter day full of rejoicing and praise to our God.

Dear friend, are you experiencing a time of dark night with loneliness, apprehensions and isolation lately? Is insomnia a serious problem for you because of the anguishes that fill your heart? Today God comes to reassure you that your night experiences will soon be over and that a new and busy day of activities, ministries, fellowship, rejoicing and praise will dawn. You will be able to see fresh rainbows of promises of God to keep reminding you that God will be faithful in it. The prophet heard the voice of the night watchers and found the reassurance that the night is about to be over and that the day will soon break. Sometimes God allows the experience of night for us to rest and relax and to prepare for the busy days that are ahead of us. At other times, He permits nights in our lives so that we can see His glory. Nights are also opportunity to recharge our spiritual batteries. But there is a clear and definite reassurance that the night will not last forever and that the bright morning of Sonshine will be upon us to revitalize us for vital missions. As we wait, God gives us songs of faith and trust to sing along during the darkest and loneliest moments of the night. Thus our nights can turn into sweet time of praise to our God who is out there with us in the midst of the stark and dark experiences. He tells us today to hang in there by faith and wait for His daybreak.   

Romans 13:12a – The night is nearly over; the day is almost here.

Thought for Today
As we go through the dark, cloudy and cold nights of life, let us by faith look forward to see an exciting daybreak soon.

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