Monday, February 25, 2013


Travel on promises!
Verse for Today: Monday, February 25, 2013
Genesis 28:15b – “I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.”

Reassurances of our God are vital for us when we go through the valley of hopelessness. When the world around us abandons us, our God comes after us to reassure us that He will not abandon us. When we are homeless, He comes back to show us glimpses of our heavenly home to revive our sagging spirits. When there is no one around for us to talk to, He comes to us from heaven to speak to us. He sets before us the stairway of prayer with which we can climb up to heaven. He shows us the stairway of blessings flowing from heaven.  God reveals His awesomeness to us in the midst of the darkest nights of our lives so that we can see His glittering glory which takes away the cold, damp and lonely nights of our lives. He reassures us with a route map to go forward and to come back in His will. It is amazing that God had already planned generations for Jacob which will culminate in blessings for all peoples of the earth through the promised Savior. It is amazing that the lone traveler is destined to spread God’s blessings wherever he goes. When God appeared to Jacob, His emptiness is removed. He started out with only a staff in his hand, but from now on he travels with his hands and heart full of blessed promises.  Not only that, God made Himself available to Jacob as his permanent travel companion. Today the God of Jacob comes to meet us in the darkest moments of our lives to wipe away darkness, emptiness, loneliness, fear, anxiety and depravity and fill us with His blessings. He will not leave us alone and will give us all that has been our inheritance in this life and beyond. His peace will go with us on our way and He will lead us to rest in His awesome presence without anxiety and apprehension.

Dear reader, are you a lonely traveler without a place to sleep and a person to talk to? Have you become a friendless destitute in this dark world and going around with anxiety about your future? But remember that your God is with you even in the darkest nights of your life. He has kept open His heavenly home for you to go to with your prayers. He has established a stairway of prayer for you to go up and receive His power and strength to live to fulfill the purposes God has established for you. God has appointed His angels to come down the stairway to bring you comfort, peace and reassurance. In the darkness around, God illuminates your vision to see His awesomeness. God Himself comes down to speak to you to reassure you about His wonderful plans for you. He will not leave you alone until all His promises are fulfilled in your life. He will expand your horizon and help you to make an impact for God wherever you go. He wants you to move around, dwell in many places, meet many people and touch many lives as He desired for Jacob. You will be given newer experiences to know God better every day. He will change your name, behavior and character to that of a man or woman who has seen God face to face. Your sagging expressions will turn into exuberance and thrill. God will make you a blessing wherever you go. You might be looked upon as a rolling stone who gathers no moth of materialism and fame in this world. But your spiritual tenor will speak to people to remind them about God’s faithfulness to all who trust in Him. Today God wants you to trust Him for your unknown tomorrows which have all been planned and prepared by Him to work for His glory.

Psalms 46:1 – God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.   

Thought for Today
In the darkest nights when we are alone, God comes to revive our sagging spirits with His thrilling promises.

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