Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Heavenly perspectives!
Verse for Today: Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Ephesians 2:6 – (God) raised us up with (Christ) and seated us with Him in the Heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

It is important for us to know who we are and where we dwell to know what our perspectives are. God’s children are the new creation with a new heart and new mind along with new thinking pattern, objectives, priorities and aspiration. We are made co-heirs with Jesus Christ and are made to be seated with Him in heaven. Having done this great and benevolent act for us who are unworthy,, God has given us His Spirit to equip and empower us to live to bear practical witness to this truth. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we should be in a position to live in the heavenly places even while we are here on earth. It practically ought to mean that we would be detached from all the worldly entanglements. It means that we will have a heavenly perspective in all that we think and do. Such heavenly perspectives will make us live happily even in the worst of worldly circumstances because we live here on earth as if we are in heaven. There is no disappointment in heaven. There are no shortages in heaven. But when we encounter such realities in life while here on earth, our lives ought to reflect heavenly reactions and not earthly responses. In other words, we ought to rise above the petty issues of earth and reach the level of heavenly life. We must think the heavenly way and live on heavenly resources which are given to us.  When the wind of frustrations blows against us, we must rise above its level and climb up to dwell in the heavenly realms in our attitudes, priorities and aspirations with the help of the Holy Spirit.  Our seating with Christ indicates that we are co-owners of the heavenly inheritance. So we ought to behave like the possessors of all the richness of God in Christ and treat the earthly cares accordingly.

Dear friend, if you care to look into the Word of God which is the spiritual mirror, you will see yourself in the image of Christ as a heavenly princess or princesses. You are seated not with any of the heavenly beings because your seat is with Christ Jesus. You are the co-owner of all the riches in glory which are set apart as your heavenly inheritance. These resources are available for you to live here on earth.  So it is important that you quit living as if you are a destitute here on earth. Perhaps you might be poor according to the world’s standards. But you are a prince with God here and now. It means that your attitude towards all things around must be heavenly. Your failures, losses, shortages and inadequacies need not bother you because these do not matter at all from the heavenly point of view. Such a heavenly perspective will help you to brush them aside and keep marching to Zion. While you are physically here on earth, your Lord will sustain you by His hand and eyes and meet all your needs.  He will give you contentment on earth if your perspective is heavenly. You need to look at all your situations with heavenly perspective. Perhaps your difficult situations are permitted by God to test to see whether you react with earthly or heavenly perspectives. It might be God’s instrument to strengthen your faith. It might also help you to evaluate your situations from the eternal standpoint and values. Today we are reminded to think on the eternal and the heavenly rather than the temporal and the earthly. Such heavenly perspective will take away our cares and make us joyful people who exhibit the characteristics of heavenly life here on earth.

Colossians 3:2 – set your mind on things above, not on earthly things.

Thought for Today
Look at earthly situations through heavenly eyes and handle it with heavenly resources.  

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