Sunday, February 3, 2013


Led by His eyes!
Verse for Today: Sunday, February 03, 2013
Psalms 121:8 – The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and for evermore.

Walking on slippery ground is most difficult because of the impending and built-in dangers. Even if we see the dangers, it is not guarantee that we will not fall. But if we have someone strong to hold on to every time we take a step, it will guarantee our safety. Such security of our Lord’s presence is available to us when we walk with Him as our travel companion. He holds our hands when we take each step. He watches over us as we learn to walk by faith. He knows all our movements and warns us to beware of detours. He teaches us to walk in His pathways which are laid bare before us. His footsteps are there to guide us in our walk. His pathways are based on the Word of God. They are pathways of obedience. If we love Him, we ought to also walk on the footsteps of sacrifice, devotion, discipleship, prayer, patience and faith. When we walk on His pathways, He is pleased with us and leads us further. Our Lord has the perfect travel plan for us to follow. We need to open our eyes to see the plan He has for us. If we walk the edges of His ways, He will guarantee our proper walk both now and for evermore. If we digress and take detours, He will discipline us and take us back to the right path as long as we are ready to confess our thoughtlessness in deviating from His path. As He watches over us, we need to also develop the fear of the Lord in our demeanor, thoughts, desires, likes, dislikes and priorities. When we walk on His pathways, there is no scope for competition with our co-travelers because each is walking on a separate track though all walk on Calvary Road.  There is also no scope for murmur and frustration because all that we need to facilitate our travel is provided for.

Dear friend, are you a weary traveler on the Calvary Road? Our Lord was weary and weak carrying the old rugged cross on His shoulders as He walked that road of mockery, humiliation and rejection. He walked joyfully as He walked for us and not for Himself. His walk has made our walk possible. Yet He will not leave us alone as we walk the Calvary Road because He knows that it is not easy to take this route. He understands our weariness as we walk this difficult route, but He doesn’t want us to succumb to the temptation to take a detour. As we walk, He holds our hands and helps us to carry the cross which is an expression of our love to Him. He meets all our physical, emotional and spiritual needs as we tread this path. When we are tired, He revives us. When we are miserable, He encourages us with bright hope about the path that we are privileged to take. When our sight is blurred, He brightens our eyes with hope. He watches over each of our steps lest we falter, slow down or become sluggard. He helps us to focus on the cross before our eyes and the world behind us. He expects us to walk with full dependence and faith on Him and not relying on our own strength, smartness, experience and wisdom. It is a walk by looking unto the author and finisher of our faith. It is a rewarding and enjoyable walk with the Lord just as Enoch did. Today our Lord is asking us not to look back like the wife of Lot or Demas, but look forward like Paul to run our race and finish our course with His strength, power and provisions.

2 Corinthians 5:7 – For we walk by faith, not by sight.

Thought for Today
When we walk by faith, our Lord leads us to our destination by His eyes as He watches over us.

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