Monday, February 11, 2013


Today In The WORD
Tender touch of mercy!
Verse for Today: Monday, February 11, 2013
Luke 1:78 – Because of the tender mercy of our God by which the rising sun will come to us from heaven.

Little children are dealt with tenderly by their parents. They are handled compassionately and not roughly or on the basis of rules and regulations. Little children are weak, ignorant and totally dependent on their parents for survival, growth, cleanliness, comfort and safety. Our Heavenly Father deals with His children also tenderly and compassionately. He cuddles us in His loving hands and handles us with utmost care, compassion and tenderness. When we cry, He comes to console us. When we are hungry, He comes to feed us. When we are lonely, He gives us His marvelous fellowship and companionship. He holds us in His tender hands so that we would enjoy utmost safety and security. His soft, tender touch soothes us of all our emotional ailments. He knows our weaknesses and inadequacies and deals with us accordingly in His abundant mercy. He pours His grace upon us. Our Lord’s hands are tender with which He held children, touched the sick and broke bread for the hungry. He is the Shepherd who held the lost sheep in His loving hands and took them home with Him. His hands held the sinking Peter and lifted him up. By His mercy, He has bestowed upon us all the blessings from heaven to enrich our lives. When His children suffer, our Lord’s merciful heart melts for us and His compassionate and considerate blessings will be showered upon us. When we go through dark and cloudy days and experiences, He makes the sun of righteousness shine upon us.  Let us today look up to see the Son of Righteousness and experience His brightness in our souls to live joyfully in all our situations.

Dear friend, are you passing through dark patches of life lately? Are you unable to see the pathway because of the dark clouds which are on your horizon? Is there uncertainty and instability in your situations? But in spite of it all, God holds his canopy of mercy and tenderness over you to protect you. The brightness of His glory will dismantle all the dark clouds that block your pathways. He will hold you by His tender hands and lead you mercifully a step at a time. Your difficult situation will be handled by the tender hands of your Lord to straighten it out. There were dark clouds on the pathway of Abraham which our Lord cleared and brought him to the divine superhighway of faith. Jacob had dark clouds over his pathways, but the Lord led him and his children onwards to accomplish God’s eternal plan for the redemption of mankind. David, Nehemiah and Gideon encountered darkness on their ways which were created by the enemy. But the mercy of the Lord was showered upon them to brighten their paths. Paul encountered deterrents on his ways, but the Lord spoke to him in visions and reassured him that His mercy will follow him all the days of his life. Today your Lord comes to you with compassion and mercy to touch your life softly and tenderly. He comes to you as the Son of Righteousness to brighten your sojourn. When He holds your hands and leads you, you can boldly take steps of faith forward with full trust in Him. His tender touch will make you whole and strong to handle your situation with confidence and courage. As He holds you, it is so sweet to hold Him by faith and keep trusting Him for all your tomorrows which He has already prepared for you.

James 5:11 – You can see how the Lord was kind to (Job) at the end, for the Lord is full of tenderness and mercy. (NLT)

Thought for Today
The tender touch of our Lord brings the sunshine of His mercy into all our life situations.

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