Saturday, February 16, 2013


Leaning by faith!
Verse for Today: Saturday, February 16, 2013
Genesis 15:6 – Abram believed the Lord, and He credited it to him as righteousness.

Usually people go to God in prayer with a long list of needs, desires and priorities. But Abram seemed to have received a list of intimate blessings that God prepared for him. When Abram left his home and homeland, God promised him a better homeland here on earth and a home beyond the horizon. Abram was a childless ‘exalted father’ and God promised to make him a ‘father of many nations’ and a blessing to the whole world. What more can a person desire in this life? But Abram was expected to appropriate these promises by faith. In other words, God wanted Abram to lean wholly on Him for the fulfillment of these promises. Abram believed God because he saw God’s glory while in his homeland of Mesopotamia. God’s glory captivated his heart and vision to compel him to obey the divine call to the new homeland which personified the new home God had already prepared for him beyond the horizon. The vision of the God of glory helped him to circumvent the hindrances on his way to finally reach the homeland which he was to appropriate by faith. In the meanwhile he was able to meet face to face with Melchizedek which gave him another evidence of the living God of glory. So when the God of glory promised Himself to Abram as his great shield and reward, the past visions became alive in him to see that the God who appeared and reappeared to him was worth his faith, trust and belief. There was no more shadow of doubt about the power of God’s promises to Abram. Then Abram leaned completely on to the God of glory and put all his trust in Him. Abram put his faith in God and not so much in the promises of God because his faith in God also included His promises and not the other way around. Today God appears unto us through His Word and renews all His promises to us to challenge us to believe on Him to fulfill it all for His glory and for our good.

Dear friend, are you after the promises of God or do you really get fascinated with God irrespective of His promises? Would you have followed God even without any of the promises about the mundane things in life? Is your God worth His glory or only His promises of tangible things in your life? Are you tempted to give greater weightage to the things that you can get from God rather than His glorious person? Job found God worth all that He has always been in His glory even when he suffered untold misery, isolation, loneliness, loss, disloyalty, false accusations and depravity. Joseph found his God worth following even when he was faced with hatred, pit, false accusations and unlawful imprisonment. Daniel saw his God faithful to risk going to the lion’s den. Peter and Paul found their God worthy of worship and service in spite of all the bitter experiences they encountered. Today our God wants us to find Him worthy of our worship and service not because of a few things He gives us daily, but because of His captivating glory. Abram met such a God in His glory and got himself captivated by His greatness and leaned on to Him completely. He decided to put life at stake with the glorified God whom he met and took His words for its worth. So God put Abram’s faith into his account in life which made Abram righteous in God’s sight. Abram found the greatness of the God of glory and believed every syllable that was pronounced by Him. Today we are challenged to believe every syllable that is pronounced through His Word and lean completely on it to be fulfilled in our lives.

Romans 1:17 – “The righteous will live by faith”.

Thought for Today
Faith is when we lean completely on to God and His promises and nothing else.
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