Thursday, December 12, 2013


Believing faith!

Verse for Today: Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mark 9:23 – “If you can”? said Jesus. “Everything is possible for him who believes.”

Man often develops doubts in his mind about God’s unchanging promises and unlimited capacity. God can do all things which are good and righteous. He is committed to resolving the difficulties of man. God intervenes in the natural process of life and impart instant support and help to restore man’s broken life. God has promised to help man, but man has to come to God with full and unconditional faith without the shadow of a doubt. God desires faith without wavering and doubting in His capacity to perform the usual and the unusual. When we develop doubt and unbelief, it questions the credibility of God which is unacceptable to Him. When we pray in unbelief our prayers will not be answered because it questions the authenticity of God’s promises and His strength and power to change situations. There were a lot of people who didn’t experience any miracles from Jesus because their unbelief prevented them from submitting their needs to Jesus. But those who had relentless faith in Jesus kept going to Him with their intimate needs and found solutions. When there was a shortage in a banquet hall, Mary knew who to go to. Even the Roman Centurion knew who to go to with his daughter’s sickness. Blind people who sat on the wayside had the faith and tenacity to go to Jesus with importune cries for help. All of them found solutions to their problems and the fulfillment of their needs. Today Jesus invites us to present all our needs and problems to Him to handle. If we go with faith, we will come back with our needs met. Those who have doubts can still go to Jesus and ask that their doubts might be forgiven and wiped away from them. Today whether we are doubtful or doubtless, we all need Jesus to intervene in our situations. His help emerges at our willingness to go to Him and submit our needs to Him with confession of our dependence on Him.

Dear friend, do you have deep conviction that Jesus is capable of handling your situation no matter how cumbersome it is? Is there an iota of doubt or unbelief that governs your heart? Are you wavering when Jesus delays? Do you get tired of praying for long and waiting? As you keep waiting and praying, if the answer is still eluding you, you might consider it as God’s test on your patience and faith. If you have genuine and ardent faith, you will not relent even if you have to wait for long. Isn’t it true that we believe in the return of our Lord in the mid-air to take us all home to be with Him forever? Even after more than two millennia of waiting, we still look forward to it because we believe in His promise to return. Isn’t it true that we believe in our eternal salvation? Isn’t it true that we believe in His daily provisions, protection and power for us? If so, it should be possible for us to believe that all His promises will come true. When He has promised, that settles it for us forever. Today Jesus confirms to us that He will not change His promises and wants us to be relentless our faith in Him. He will definitely do His part, but we must respond positively by faith in believing and claiming it by faith. Are we today asking ‘if’ He could do it for us? Or will we say ‘amen’ for all His capacity and willingness to do it for us? Today let us cling to our Lord and wait for His perfect will at His perfect time to give us what He has promised and see that it will be done with divine precision.

Mark 9:24 – “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”

Thought for Today
Man’s unbelief and doubt will not reduce the capacity and willingness of God to fulfill His promises.

Prayer for Today
Dear Lord Jesus: Help me to overcome my unbelief and doubts in your loving concern for me. Amen!

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