Monday, December 9, 2013


Rocky Refuge!

Verse for Today: Monday, December 9, 2013

Psalms 31:2 – Turn Your ear to me, come quickly to my rescue; be my rock of refuge, a strong fortress to save me.

The bewildering experiences of God’s people have divine purposes behind it all. In troubled times, we do not find earthly powers interested in or capable of rescuing us. If we look for refuge or fortress in this world, we will only be disappointed.  When we are encountered by individuals, events and situations used by the enemy against us, we tend to look around for help and find none. When our situations seem formidable and insurmountable, and as we give up hope, our Lord comes to show us that He is there to rescue us from it all. He reveals Himself to us as the Rock of Ages and the strong fortress to give us refuge in times of peril and pestilence. He is the unchanging God in all our slippery situations. He is our bulwark to stand with us in our battles. He gives us holy boldness to face all situations with courage and confidence. He spreads His glory in our hearts and governs our thoughts to help us trust in Him. Joshua saw Him in His glory standing with the drawn Sword of the Lord to strengthen him in the midst of enemies. Isaiah saw Him in glory to overshadow all the heartaches and problems he was faced with in the wake of the death of King Uzziah. Daniel saw Him in glory shutting the mouth of the lions in the den. Jacob saw Him in glory at Bethel with splendid promises to strengthen him on his dark and unknown pathway. John saw Him in glory in Patmos during his days of loneliness, rejection and hopelessness. David saw His glory pervading his whole being in his trying times of turmoil, turbulence and threats. This God is with us today in our times of perils and powerlessness to hear our cries and to rescue us in all our perils and give us refuge.

Dear friend, are you scrambling for refuge in your times of turbulence and intimidation?  Are you crying out in desperation for help looking for rescue from the pressures of threatening circumstances? Are you treading through the dark valleys of life and groping for direction? Rest assured that your cries are heard by God who is near you as your Rock and Fortress. Remember, your invisible God hears your cries and appears to you in His glory, but you will have to open your eyes of faith to see Him. He has come to strengthen you in your dark valleys to walk by faith. He holds you by His hands and carries you forward when you are too weak to tread. When you are afraid, He walks before you to dispel all fears and phobia. When you lose hope, He brightens your hope and gives you determination and confidence to face your situation and come out victorious. When you call unto God, He gives you strength through His Spirit to face your situation with courage as you put all your trust in Him and His promises. Joseph had such confidence in the God who gave him dreams about his future. God renewed His promises to Jacob at Beer-Sheba which strengthened him to go with confidence to Egypt and face the unknown. His faith in God’s promises made Jacob a blessing even to Pharaoh. So dear friend, take courage and be confident for your God rescues you from your cumbersome situations and gives you refuge to rest and be peaceful. He is your fortress which none of your situations can penetrate.   

Psalms 46:1 – God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. 

Thought for Today
Those who have the Lord as their refuge enjoy His security, confidence and courage in all their situations. 

Prayer for Today
Dear Lord Jesus: Open my eyes today to see You as my Rock and Refuge in all my circumstances and at all times to enjoy confident living. Amen!

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