Sunday, December 29, 2013


Victory by faith!

Verse for Today: Sunday, December 29, 2013

Psalms 44:6 - For I will not trust in my bow; nor will my sword save me.

Experience is a great teacher if at all we are willing to learn from it. The perils of man are often because he easily forgets the great lessons learned through past experiences. The sons of Korah were well aware of this truth which they learned from experience. Israelites had many enemies in the past who often confronted them. But Israelites won their wars not because their skills and strategies were better than that of their enemies, but because their Lord fought their enemies. They had their share of enemies which included their cousins and the enemy kings who dwelt around them. Their godless neighbors had hatred and prejudice for Israel as a nation.  But Israel was too weak to fight and their bows and swords failed them. But still they defeated their enemies because God fought their enemies. Thus they understood that it was not their skills nor their strategy that won them battles, but the Lord. So they learned the big lesson that they should no longer depend on their number or expertise in warfare, but solely trust in the Lord. We who fight spiritual battles with the forces of darkness on a daily basis know that our victories are God’s gift to us and not on our merit. We must confess that our enemy is fierce and powerful and cannot be overcome by our ability and strength. We must declare our total inability and inadequacy to face the enemy and to prevail over his strategies. We must confess that we will continue to trust in the Lord to lead us to victory.

Dear reader, are you dragged into battle by the enemy of your soul on a daily basis? Is the enemy attacking you physically, emotionally and spiritually with proxy warfare? When the enemy fights you, determination and self-will will not help you. We are weak and powerless to fight the enemy on our own. We must depend on God’s power and use God’s armor to fight. We must submit ourselves as fit instruments in His hands so that He will be pleased to use us to fight. We must fight by faith from victory to victory and appropriate it by faith.  Self-reliance is not a quality that God appreciates in us. He wants us to rely on Him and His mighty power to fight. It is His hands which bring us victory. David knew this very well. It was the hand of the Lord which gave him victory over Goliath and all other enemies. Gos’s Spirit keeps reminding us that we are not sufficient in ourselves. Our sufficiency is of the Lord who knows how weak and feeble we are. He sympathizes with our weaknesses and asks us to draw close to Him and seek His power. The best strategy to fight is to surrender ourselves in God’s hands and ask Him to use us to fight. He will then take us and use us to fight the enemy. We must also understand that every conflict is ultimately spiritual because the enemy is interested in defeating us in the spiritual realm. So let us today confess to the Lord that our human weapons are useless and powerless. Let us admit that we are worthless. Let us repent of our past efforts to use our own smart techniques. Remember, the battle belongs to the Lord who is already declared Victor and in Him we are also more than conquerors. 

Psalms 46:9 – He makes wars cease to the end of the earth; He breaks the bow and shatters the spear, He burns the shields with fire. 

Thought for Today
God’s power in us makes us powerful enough to defeat the enemy.

Prayer for Today
Dear Lord Jesus: In all my battles today, may Your Spirit work in and through me to demonstrate Your power to defeat the enemy by faith. Amen!
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