Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Restored Pottery!

Verse for Today: Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Psalms 31:12 – I am forgotten by them as though I were dead; I have become like broken pottery.

Forgetfulness is not a virtue when we forget those who mean a lot to us. But the enemy sows the seeds of contempt and false allegations into the minds of people and makes them draw erroneous conclusions about even those who mean a lot to them. The enemy excels in cluttering the minds of our dear ones in order to open wars against us at various fronts. He will portray us negatively in people’s minds and make them believe their unfounded charges and false evidences. But sadly our dear people do not wait to find evidences, but simply believe falsehood because these lies are repeated frequently by the enemy. He also knows how to brainwash people and turn them against us. Thus the enemy will try to isolate us and subsequently prove to us that everybody is against us. Thus we are plunged into despair. We are made to feel that our testimony is like a broken pottery which cannot be restored. When there is calculated propaganda to demolish our standing before God and His people, it shatters our confidence and courage. When we see how those whose lives we touched for God in the past tend to forget us and behave as if they have never known us, it becomes unbearable agony for us. But when they all forget us and behave as if they have never known us, we still have a friend in our Lord who will not forsake us. He comes to put His arms around us to comfort and encourage us to keep going. He reassures us that He will be with us till the end and that He will look after our reputation and testimony. He confirms to us that as long as we stand for the truth, the truth shall set us free.

Dear friend, are you going through isolation, rejection and resentment from those who are dear and near to you? Are you shocked at the way people ditch you and tarnish you? Do your friends show unfamiliarity with you in front of others? Are friends keeping aloof in your sufferings and posing as if you are a contemptible person? Is there not even one person to come and stand with you and sympathize with you in your present plight? But the Lord who hears your pleadings for help will come to your rescue. He will prove your case at the right time. He will give you the strength to face the falsehood that the enemy spreads against you without losing your composure. He reassures you through His Spirit and Word that He will never forsake you. He is the Master Builder who will rebuild your testimony which the enemy tries to break. He is your friend in times of loneliness and heartaches. He knows the whole truth behind the allegations of the enemy.  He was with David when the enemy spread false allegations against him. He exonerated Joseph when he was falsely accused. He stood with Nehemiah when the enemy sent letters of false allegations about him to the emperor. He protected Mordecai when the enemy tried to annihilate him. When Aaron and Miriam and later on Korah and his people leveled false charges against Moses, the Lord was with Moses and led him forward without wavering. This God is with you today to strengthen you to keep going. He will not allow you to stop or slow down in your forward march because of false allegations. He will carry you forward victoriously. Just submit the broken pieces of your testimony to the Lord in the rags of life and He will restore and strengthen your shattered pottery of life.

Psalms 31:24 – Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.    

Thought for Today
Our testimony which God has built up in heaven cannot be undone by the enemy with his cursed tactics.

Prayer for Today
Dear Lord Jesus: Help me not to lose confidence in life because of the false allegations and crafty isolation by the enemy. Amen!

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