Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday, October 01, 2010

Verse for Today
Psalms 20:4 - May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.

The Spirit of God today speaks to us through King David about our desires and plans. God knows all about it. God knows whether they are according to His perfect will or not. God knows the consequences of all your desires and plans, and whether they are spiritually expedient or not. He knows the motives behind each desire and plan. He knows your struggle in heart in making these choices in life and how these have come about as a desire or a plan. He wants us to have desires which are divine and spiritually expedient. He doesn't want us to have any desire or plan outside His perfect will. His Spirit shows us which of these is for our good and which might take us away from His path. So His Spirit speaks to us about all our desires and plans. When a desire is not from Him, His Spirit will tell us that such a desire should be given up without ill-feeling or griping. This is because we do not know the consequences of each of our desires, but the Lord knows. The Spirit also tells us what to desire and what not. In the light of the above, what we are encouraged to do is not to jump into any decisions and plans with regard to any of our desires. The desires will have to be examined in the light of the Word of God to see if it is against any commandment, prohibition or principle given to us. At that point, we should not fall into the temptation to find excuses to justify our desires. Every desire has to be submitted to the Lord and kept at the foot of the cross in prayer. When it is in the perfect will of God, God will lead us into it, and otherwise, He will take away our desire for it. So there has to be a waiting period in converting a desire into a plan. It should be concluded after much prayer and waiting on the Lord. This waiting period will help develop patience and maturity in us, and will help us to see different aspects of the desire and the probable consequences of each of the desires. The Lord thus helps us to walk in His will as He will teach us His ways day by day. His ways are for our good and for His glory, and are not joy killers imposed upon us by the Lord.

Dear friend, are you contemplating on some desire of yours today? Will these desires bring glory to God and help you to develop spiritual maturity? Will these desires lead you to grow in the Lord and in His Word? Will you be drawn closer to the Lord as you fulfill these desires? If you dwell in this desire and make a plan for its fulfillment, will it affect your testimony as a child of God, and will have any bearing on the testimony of the people of God in whose fellowship you are a part? Are you willing to keep your desires at the foot of the cross and leave it there, and to give the Lord the full consent to do what He wants to do with it? Remember, if you go your way, the Lord might not forcefully prevent you from going that way, even though that possibility cannot be ruled out because we see some instances where He has done that also. But that depends on how intimate you are with Him and how much commitment you have given to Him about your life. If you have prayed that you might be prevented by the Lord from going astray by using whatever means at His disposal, then you have every right to expect a divine intervention. But at the same time, if you go forward with your desire unilaterally and implement it on the basis of your plan, you will have to pick up the consequences of your desire and plan. You will have to pay a price for these consequences in your life. So we need to exercise caution and patience as we submit our desires to the Lord. Let us wait for Him to reveal His will to us which He does through the Word, the confirmation He gives us in our souls through His Spirit if we are sensitized to the Spirit, and through opened and closed doors in front of us. Many children of God went the wrong way and experienced shipwreck in their Christian lives and brought so much heartache to themselves and their dear ones because of the wrong decisions that they have taken. Such instances can be seen in the Bible and in contemporary events among God's children. So today let us submit our desires to the Lord and examine them in the light of the cross of our Lord. If the desire persists, still pray and wait and do not be in a hurry or depend on your own wisdom. Patient waiting today will keep a lot of heartaches away in the future. Let us submit our desires to Him and make plans according to His perfect and revealed will.

Proverbs 3:5 - Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

Thought for Today
If you are totally committed and sincere in submitting your desires to the Lord, He will lead you in His perfect path.

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