Thursday, May 24, 2012


He will surely come!
Verse for Today: Thursday, May 24, 2012
Matthew 14:25 – During the fourth watch of the night Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake.
When the wind and the waves of life beat against us, we tend to be afraid and loose confidence. Our hearts get discouraged with hopelessness because we do not see any way out of our predicament. We tend to wonder why there is such a wind even when we belong to Jesus. We realize that the wind blows at a thoroughly unexpected time. It is more fearsome when it is dark and when we are still a distance from the shore. Our experience and expertise on the lake seem not to work in the dark nights of life. There seem to be no one to help or rescue us. Our cries seem to echo back to us. But we need to realize that our Lord knows where we are and what kind of difficulties we are faced with. When we are absolutely helpless and admit it without any hesitation, our Lord comes to help us. The fourth watch of the night is pretty late for any help to come from any where. But that is not too late for the Lord. The wind or the waves do not hinder Him because they all submit to His authority. He can walk on it just as He walks on the land. He comes to us when we least expect Him to come. When all hope is gone, He comes with hope. Perhaps we may not recognize Him at that late hour of the night. Perhaps we think that He doesn’t know our situation. But He knows it all and will come to help us out of our most hopeless situation. We probably think that it is too late for any help to come to us, but no hour is too late for Him to come to our rescue. He comes to command us to take courage. He comes with several miracles to make believers out of us. Our Lord is pleased to come to us when we need Him most. He will come to rescue and deliver us from our impossible situations.
Dear reader, are you in a seemingly hopeless situation in life? Are you being engulfed by mighty winds and waves in the darkest moments of your life? Surely, if you look at the wind, you will be terrified. If you see the roaring waves, it would take away all your courage. The fear that grips you will make your throat dry and give you palpitation. But the Lord doesn’t want you to be afraid. Let the wind blow and the waves roar, but you are safe in the hands of Jesus. He is the Lord of the sea and waves. He is the God who created the wind. All of these natural forces are under His authority. When He commands, these natural elements will obey and give way. Our Lord will come at the most unexpected and unlikely time against all hope to meet our needs and help us with our faithlessness. He comes to handle our fears and anxieties. He crumbles our hopelessness and gives us hope for a brighter future. Our cumbersome situations are handled by our Lord in magnificent manner to reveal His glory. When we allow Jesus to climb into our boats and become our anchorman, the wind will give way to our boat with Jesus in it. Today let us make Him our Anchorman. No matter how well we know life, it can crumble with one wind or a wave. So we should not have any confidence whatsoever in our flesh to accomplish any thing in life. Our best skills are only big hollows if Jesus is not in it with us. Our boats are not powerful enough to withstand the pressures of the wind and the waves of circumstances. But if Jesus is our Anchorman, our boat can soar through any wind or wave. Let us today travel with Jesus and be confident in His power to keep us safe and take us forward no matter what the opposition and hindrance might be.
Matthew 14:27 – But Jesus immediately said to them: “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid”.
Thought for Today
When all hope seems to be gone, there is still hope in the power of Jesus to deliver us and dispel all fears and anxiety.

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