Saturday, May 12, 2012


Sailing through mighty wind!
Verse for Today: Saturday, May 12, 2012
Matthew 8:26 – Jesus replied, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then He got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm.
It is an obvious fact that winds and wave blow against God’s people. They come at totally unexpected times. No one expects that a mighty wind of opposition, conflict, failure or loss to blow against us when Jesus is with us. The target of the wind is the reputation of Jesus and the peace of His children. The enemy of our souls wants to create evidence to frustrate us and weaken our faith by proving that it is no use being with Jesus. The enemy tries to weaken our faith by showing us that our life with Jesus is no guaranteeing that there will be no wind or wave. He uses circumstances and situations to create doubts and confusion in our minds. Our enemy wants us to be grumbling people rather than a people of praise and joy. We are made to wonder why we have troubles when Jesus is with us. We tend to become afraid of our situations and expect the worst scenario to emerge in our lives. Doubt begets unbelief and it will lead to fear and hopelessness. At such times, we must learn to look at Jesus who is with us rather than focus on the waves and the wind which blow against us. We must also realize that the waves on the outside cause waves of fear, anxiety, doubt, confusion and despair on the inside. These unexpected challenges tempt us at times to complain to Jesus that we are perishing. We must realize that nothing will happen to us without the knowledge of the Lord. He is with us to prevent us from perishing. He is our co-passenger on our boats of life to take us to the other side of the lake of life. His presence guarantees our safe passage through the winds and the waves.
Dear reader, are you going through a great testing time in your life when mighty winds, strong waves and powerful mass of water blow fiercely against you? Is the very sight of the roaring of the sea of life sufficient to make you fearful and loose confidence? Are you being shaken in your faith and are you groaning with a trembling heart? Today Jesus wants to ask you as to how you can be afraid when you know that Jesus is with you in your boat? Your situation shows you that you are unable to handle it yourself. Your strength, capacity, expertise or knowledge is often insufficient to weather way the winds which blow against you. So your faith ought to wake up to the reality that it is best to tell the Lord Jesus about it and leave it at His feet. Our faith demands that we leave all our fears with Jesus and ask Him to handle it. Our trust in the Lord must take us with all our problems to the feet of Jesus and leave it there for Him to straighten it out. Our plea for help is the open confession of our inability to handle our situations. It is also our declaration of His mighty power to save us from our predicaments. As we go through the storms, we might loose hope and wonder why it has come our way. But our Lord wants us to learn that it is part of His plan to teach us faith and trust in Him. He knows what He will do and knows when to do it to save us. But He starts to work when we reach our wits end. When we are helpless, He becomes our help and His words become mightier than any storms which blow against us. He also wants to demonstrate to us that the storms and the wind that He created will obey His command. Our Lord will not allow the winds which are His servants to hurt and destroy His beloved children. So let us wait for Him to interfere in our troublesome, miserable, fearful, painful and apprehensive situations and bring peace, stability and joy.
Psalms 107:29 – He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed.
Thought for Today
Storms and waves come and go, but God’s children are sustained through it by Him.
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