Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Transformed dust and ash!

Verse for Today: Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Psalms 113:7 - (The Lord) raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap.

When hope turns to ashes and dust, it is usually considered as a situation of no return. There are times when our hopes are swept away by unexpected winds of events. One reason for this is that many of our hopes are castles in the air. We are good at over-expectations and day dreams and we are prone to putting hope in the vanities of this world. Inasmuch as these dreams remain unfulfilled, they plunge us into hopelessness. But God wants us to put our hope in Him and His kingdom. He wants us to build on the sure foundation of the Rock of Ages. Our castles on the sand are bound to fall. But if we build our lives on the Rock of Ages, we would stand as a testimony to the strength of the Rock on which we stand. From the world’s point of view, our hopes are like dust and ash heaps. There is nothing attractive in our hope according to the world’s standard. Our hope begins in a manger in Bethlehem where a rejected baby was born. Our hope is founded on the embodiment of weakness seen on a frail human body handing on an old rugged cross on a hill called Mount Calvary. But the baby of the manger is the King of kings and Lord of Lords. The frail body of our Lord Jesus comes back to us as a transformed body of victory, strength, power and glittering glory. Our frail, weak, sick and poverty stricken bodies will all be transformed into the likeness of the glorified body of our Lord Jesus Christ at the sound of the heavenly trumpet and the voice of the archangel of God. We who are in the dust and ash heap of despising, rejection and resentment in this world will be wearing incorruptible crowns and sitting on Thrones in heaven. Our hope is built not on the corruptible things of this world, but on the incorruptible eternal realities of heaven. So let us be confident today to live as poor, downtrodden, hated, despised and forgotten people for God in this Word and rejoice in our hope which will dawn in the horizon soon.

Dear reader, are you on dust hill or ash heap of frustration today? Perhaps this life would give you only dust, ashes and sackcloth to wear. Instead of recognition and appreciation, the world will give you only rejection, hatred and resentment. You might be experiencing isolation and loneliness as you are sidelined and forsaken by others. But all who reject you will go for dust and the ashes as their hope is limited to this world and its materialism. But you will receive great welcome in the presence of God. Remember, our God is the God of the impossible. He makes the elements to obey Him. He makes the worst sinner gets saved and causes the proudest king to eat grass like an animal. He causes the barren woman to become a happy mother of children. He makes the donkey speak. He gives water and even honey from the rock to His children. In His compassion, He makes the poor to rise from the dust and meets the needs of those who are on the ash heaps of frustration. So there is no need for us to loose hope today. In His magnanimity, He gave Sarah and Elizabeth a child each which was against the law of nature. He reinstated Job in all his past glory. He opened the eyes of the blind and healed the sick. He gives all the living beings their food and balances the nature to suite their living requirements. Such a God is our Lord who knows all our physical, financial, spiritual and emotional needs today. His reservoir in Heaven has enough and more to meet all our needs. He always responds to the needy and the poor who go to Him by lifting them up from the dust. He can transform your dust and ash heaps into unimaginable blessings. He will have compassion on your situation of dust and ash heap. He will pick you up, clean you up and clothe you with His robe of righteousness and dignity.

Luke 1:37 - For nothing will be impossible with God.

Thought for Today

God’s transforming power will turn our ashes and dust into glittering glory.

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