Friday, May 4, 2012


My Watchman!

Verse for Today: Friday, May 04, 2012

Psalms 121:3 – (The Lord) will not let your foot slip – He who watches over you will not slumber.

Life is a series of ups and downs. It is a mixture of victories and failures. It has success stories and losses to tell. It travels at times through valleys and at other times it is on the top of the mountain. Some times there is cloud, rain and storm, and at other times plenty of sunshine. There are snares on the way and often people stumble on it and fall. It takes a life time to learn to keep away from the snares and to escape from stumbling, but still we fall flat with our faces down. The enemy of our souls is busy making God’s children slip their feet and stumble in their faith. If we try to avert stumbling in our own strength, we will still stumble. But if we depend on the Lord for strength, we will stand and walk without slipping our feet. Human tendency is to use the wisdom of the world to avert stumbling. But God’s children can depend on our Lord who is alert all the time to give us strength to avert stumbling. He never sleeps nor slumbers. His active presence is with us all the time. But we must learn to make use of His strength and power in our lives to avert stumbling. His strength comes to us through the power of His Word and His Spirit. His Word is deposited in our hearts to remind us of the way. His Spirit will illuminate the Word and continue to warn and convict us of His ways. But if we do not make use of His power, we would have only ourselves to blame. We find God’s people like Joseph, Joshua, Nehemiah, Jeremiah, Daniel and Paul depend on the Lord to avert stumbling. But even for a few moments, there have been defeats in the lives of Moses, David and Peter. It is important to realize that when Satan celebrates the defeat in the lives of God’s children, the heart of God grieves. In spite of all the resources and help provided by the Lord, if we still fall, we alone will have to take all the blame. But He is faithful to forgive us of our failures and restore us to His grace for further victories.

Dear reader, have you been experiencing defeats in your sojourn lately? Have you taken detours in your walk in the recent past? Have you been lured away from the right path any time? Do you get confused about your pathway? Remember, there is a grand strategy by the enemy of your soul to make you stumble in your walk. But you don’t need to be anxious about the enemy, but only trust your Lord to keep you from stumbling. If you put your faith in the Lord and follow His Word, you will not give room for the enemy to lure you way. You need to be ever aware of the fact that your Lord is watching over you all the time. He will give you warnings about the snags which are spread on your way by the enemy. If you keep yourself close to the Lord and do not allow your mind to meddle with any of the areas of temptation, the Lord will give you the strength to resist temptation. The enemy of our soul is also a thief, murderer and a destroyer. He will try to take away our peace, kill our spirituality and destroy the character that we try to build in our lives. If we follow our Lord ardently, He will keep us from becoming a prey to these tactics of the enemy. So the key to avert stumbling is to be watchful and in continuous surrender to the Lord and His Spirit. You will also have to be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit in recognizing the dangers that the enemy spreads on your pathways. Today the Lord and His Spirit come to you to keep you from stumbling. May you enjoy the abundance of His grace not to stumble because your Lord is watching over you!

Psalms 17:7 – My steps have held fast to Your paths. My feet have not slipped.

Thought for Today
While the Lord watches over us lest we slip and stumble, we must be watchful lest we fall.

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