Monday, May 28, 2012


His storehouse for me!
Verse for Today: Monday, May 28, 2012
Psalms 104:27 – They all wait for You to give them their food in due season.
The Creator God is moved by the needs of His creation and meets their basic needs at the right time. He knows the depth of their needs at all times. He knows the quality and quantity of the needs. In His wisdom, He understands the diversity of needs and how these needs change with time. His storehouse is vast and has all that these creatures need. We see Him helping Noah to store up all that was needed for all the creatures in the ark till the flood ceases and the waters recede. He gave enough for the widow of Zarephath to survive till the famine would end. He gave to Prophet Elijah for a season at Cherith, at the widow’s house for another season and enough to gain strength to run to Horeb afterward. He gave enough and more to the multitude in the desert. Our God gives us all that we need at the right time and place in the right quantity and quality to meet all our physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs. He prepares a table for us in the desert as well as on the sea shore. It is very comforting that He knows our needs most accurately and meets those needs as we look unto Him by faith. Our looks express our sincere dependence on Him and He will respond with His supplies to meet our needs. He is the Jehovah-jireh who gives us perfect gifts according to His love, generosity, magnanimity, compassion and concern. When He gives, it would be sufficient to meet specific needs at the right time. He has promised to give and will not relent. He has the greatest reputation as the most generous giver. He will be always on time. So we can trust Him and wait for His supplies to arrive at the right time to meet our every need.  
Dear friend, are you in dire physical, emotional and spiritual needs need today? If so, you must admit your need, confess your total depravity and declare that you depend on the Lord alone for all your needs. It is interesting to know that you may not know all your needs in its depth, but your Lord knows all your current as well as future needs. His heavenly warehouse of blessings has all that it would take to meet every need at the right time and place. He has already given it all to you as He has blessed you with all the blessings of the heavenly places. He has also made you seated with Him in heaven. All that you need are already given to you positionally. But you need to appropriate it and take possession of it at the right time. Just draw what you need at the right time by opening the warehouse with the key of faith which is given to you. God’s servants have opened this warehouse in the past and enjoyed the goodness of the Lord to meet their needs. Elijah enjoyed it so many times during his ministry. Abraham had this key and he opened the heavenly storehouse to meet all his needs. Jacob and Joseph also used this key of faith to open God’s storehouse to meet their needs. David could use it while he was in the field with his father’s sheep, out in the battlefield when Goliath faced him and while hiding in the caves and forests. Peter used it on the day of Pentecost while he preached gospel and when he was in the prison awaiting execution. John used it in Patmos. Paul used it throughout his missionary journey. God’s servants like John Hess, John Chinaman, Hudson Taylor, William Booth, Adoniram Judson, William Carey, Antony Norris Groves, C.T. Studd, George Muller, Jim Eliot, Amy Carmichael, Watchman Nee, William MacDonald, K.V. Simon and scores of unknown saints used this key to open the storehouse of blessings of the Lord and met all their needs. Today this reservoir of God’s blessings is available for us to claim and appropriate all that we need by using the key of faith. We will find amazing provisions with ultimate satisfaction.
Psalms 145:16 – You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing.
Thought for Today
Blessed are those who use the key of faith to open the storehouse of heaven to meet all their needs.

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