Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Horses, Chariots or LORD?
Verse for Today: Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Psalms 20:7 – Some boast in chariots and some in horses, but we will boast in the name of the Lord, our God.
The world is fascinated with speed and strength. Chariot focuses on fast movement and is mark of the status and dignity of its owners. Horses focus on their power and strength to pull others with it. When chariots and horses are combined together, they are invincible with unbeatable technological conglomeration and fusion to achieve what people and kingdoms want. Their owners trust in their capacity to deliver what they desire at the fastest possible pace. Charioteers boast in their victory in battles with great pride because of their powerful horses. They mock and undervalue those who do not have such technology and consider others as weak and bound to fail. The world despises a child of God for his weak and humble armor of prayer, brokenness, repentance and humility. But his armor is fare more powerful than the world’s chariots and horses. His armor has already been tested at Calvary by his Lord and proved to be far more potent than the powers of Roam Empire. He trusts in the Lord who made the heaven and earth. His boasting is in the might of his Lord who is able to accomplish far more than what the chariots and horses of the world can achieve. Where the chariots and horses of this world fail, the Lord accomplishes things with meager means. He brings fire from heaven to burn the sacrifice on Mount Carmel. He feeds a man through ravens and a poor widow. He feeds several thousand people with five meager barley bread and two small fish. He turns water into the best wine at the wink of an eye. He heals in split seconds. He raises the dead, makes the lame to walk and the blind to see. He wins wars without a sword or a chariot. He melts stone-hearted people and makes saints out of them. He doesn’t need the technology of the world to accomplish great things.  Today He lives to attain great and impossible things for His children without the aid of chariots and horses, but with His mighty hands. When we take His name in our mouths, His power is demonstrated for us in this world and in our lives. When we pray in His name, great things happen without worldly power or technology.
Dear reader, are you bewildered because the enemy of your soul is using his chariots and horses to fight with you? Perhaps your enemy is demonstrating his power around you to scare you off your pathway. But the invisible hand of our Lord is always with you. He demonstrates His power for you at the right time. He fights your battle with the same power with which He created this universe. His angels are always around you with drawn out swords in their hands. The Lord works much faster than any technology that man has ever invented. Our instruments are weak and meager according to the world’s standards. We fight our battles and win our wars on our knees rather than from chariots. We have victory when we put our undiluted trust in our Lord. We put all our faith in Him when our situations are impossible. We put our trust in the invisible armies of God who work for us all the time. The enemy shows us his power and strength through his chariots and horses to shake our confidence. But when our spiritual eyes are opened by the Lord, we will be able to see the chariots of fire and the swords that turn that are around us. Our Lord uses us as we become fit instruments in His hands for spiritual warfare. Our victory is declared and our future is secure. Our foundation is the Rock of Ages who will never be shaken. Our resources are spiritual and heavenly with guaranteed success. Our ammunition may be humble and weak in the eyes of the world for which they ridiculed us. But they are capable of victory over the fastest chariots and the most powerful horses of the world.
Psalms 46:9 – (The Lord) makes wars cease to the ends of the earth; He breaks the bow and shatters the spear, He burns the shield with fire.
Thought for Today
The world’s most potent and sharpest ammunition is no match for the humble and meager armor of God.
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