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Shelter and Shadow!!
Verse for Today: Monday, May 21, 2012
Psalms 91:10 – No harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent.
God’s promises are for His children who love Him and obey His laws. God fulfills His promises to us as a response to our attitude to His laws. In response to His promises, we give allegiance to His laws in our lives and follow His paths. If we make Him our dwelling place, we will enjoy the shadow of the Almighty and the shelter of the Most High. When we thus dwell with Him, He becomes our buffer against all evil that might come our way. Our dwelling with Him takes all the harm that come against us away and removes all the pressures of evil that are directed to us. When disaster comes out way, our Lord protects us with His person, power and presence. When plagues of various kinds approach us, our Lord will cover us with His glory so that we become invincible. When the people of Israel moved out of Egypt by faith, they dwelled in the Lord’s presence and so there was no weakness among them. But when they moved out of the dwelling place of the Lord and started grumbling, their faith diminished and so they encountered harms of various kinds and many disasters blew against them. So if we dwell with the Lord, He will keep all the impacts of the sinful and evil environment away from us and make us walk victoriously with Him. It is part of the sovereign will of our Lord that we are kept away from all harm and disaster. He is not willing for any of His children to encounter harm and disaster. But we invite these difficulties into our lives by moving away from the Lord and His presence. We digress from His presence when we try to walk by sight rather than by faith and go after the lukewarm water that the world offers us which is the sure way to attract harm and disaster on us. Today God challenges us to dwell continuously in His tent and under His shadow to enjoy the bliss that he wants to bestow upon us.
Dear reader, are you wallowing in the disasters that the world has dragged you in? When you are thus enduring difficulties, it is probably right to ask yourself as to whether it is because you have abandoned the shadow of the Almighty. You need to make sure that you do not dwell in the tents of this world with all the comforts it offers. Perhaps you feel that you are going through harm and disasters in spite of dwelling under the shadow of the Almighty. But you should not be tempted to confuse between the trials and tests that the Lord allows in your life with that of harm and disasters. The trials and tests that the Lord sends your way are neither to harm you nor to trouble you with disasters. But these trials which look like harm or disaster are only tough experiences to help you to learn to trust the Lord to see you through. Paul and Peter went through trials which looked like harm, but that was the process of purifying them for a closer walk with their Master. Joseph went through near-death experiences, abuse, misrepresentation of his deeds and misunderstandings. But these made him grow stronger in the Lord and groom him to become the Prime Minster of Egypt to be a part of God’s plan for opening the pathway for the Messiah to come to the world.  Job seemed to have gone through several disasters in life, but soon he learned that these were to purify him in his devotion to the Lord. Today our Lord invites us to dwell with Him, as He invited Andrew and John to dwell with Him. Their stay with Him for a night changed their lives and perspectives and anchored on ardent faith in Him. So when John was in Patmos as an exile, he did not take it as harm or disaster, but an opportunity to see newer visions about his glorious Lord and the magnificence of Heaven. Let us today dwell under the shadow of the Almighty and see our trials in a new dimension.
Psalms 91:1 – He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
Thought for Today
Dwelling under the shadow of the Lord in His sweet, peaceful and loving presence makes us happy in spite of our earthly circumstances.

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