Saturday, May 26, 2012


Instant Desert River!
Verse for Today: Saturday, May 26, 2012
Psalms 105:41 – He opened the rock, and water gushed out; like a river it flowed in the desert.
God’s help come to man at unexpected places and through unimaginable sources to meet his needs. A desert is the last place where we expect water like a river flowing through the dry sands. It is well nigh impossible for us to think that a rock can be a storehouse of fresh water to quench the thirst of about two million people and their cattle. But our God gives to His children far beyond their expectations and imagination. He is keen that they meet their needs by putting their faith in His capacity and willingness to give them. He doesn’t want them to parch their throats with thirst. He looks after His children like a parent looks after a little child and keenly satisfies every need, whether big or small. He leads them to a point where they are totally helpless in themselves and fills them with faith in their hearts to trust Him to meet their innermost needs. It is amazing to see that the Lord uses a rock as a storehouse for His children. No one would expect any water to come out of a rock which is hard, thick and rough. But our Lord can bring blessings to us even from such unlikely places. He wants us to learn that He can use any of His creation to help meet the needs of His children. He intervenes in our lives at the right time with supplies when we are desperate. He responds to our cries when we are in anguish. He prepares our hearts to respond to His might through our faith in Him. When we cry unto Him, our Lord cannot sit inactive. His compassionate heart melts for us when He hears the sound of our cries. He is moved by our needs and moves rocks and seas to meet our needs. His blessings to us gush out from unusual places and flows to us like a river glorious. While our physical needs are met, our eyes see the flow of blessings to make us astonished at the way our Lord sends blessings to us. When He gives, it is according to His dignity and status which is always far beyond our needs and expectations.
Dear reader, are you in a desperate situation in life with deep physical, emotional and spiritual needs? Perhaps you are frustrated because the sources which you expected to help you have disappointed you. But there is no disappointment with our Lord if we cry unto Him. He will come at the right time to quench our thirst and satisfy our hunger in the physical, emotional and spiritual realms of life. He often gives us far more than we can take as in the case of the Israelites who only wanted a drink, but received river-like flow of water. He gives us according to His measure which far exceeds any human expectation or imagination. His provisions are for us to enjoy and praise Him for what He gives. The enormity of His provisions leads us to think about the depth of His mercy, grace and love to us. But we need to exercise our faith in His power and willingness to give us what we need. We do not need to store up for ourselves because His barns are full of good things for us. His pathways are through the deserts of this world where we need to completely depend on Him to keep going. He has promised to meet our every need when we are on His desert highways. When He gives, it will cause us to praise Him for His sources and the measure in which He gives so that all glory goes to Him. Today let us draw unto Him and cry to Him for all our needs and expect Him to meet every need according to His vast riches in glory far beyond every imagination.
Psalms 81:10 – I am the Lord your God, who brought you up out of Egypt. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.
Thought for Today
God’s blessings flow to us to fill all our faculties including our bodies, minds and eyes beyond imagination.

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