Thursday, May 17, 2012


Passionate rebuilding!

Verse for Today: Thursday, May 17, 2012
John 21:4 – Early in the morning, Jesus stood on the shore, but the disciples did not realize that it was Jesus.
God goes to man in his moments of dire need. God searches after man when he experiences failure, loss and defeat. Our failures and defeats make it difficult for us to seek after God. Our guilty hearts become so heavy that we often sink deep in our defeats and failures. When backslide and end up in defeat and failure, it is often difficult to go back to God though there is always a way back. But as we are in the centre of defeat and failure, our God comes to us to lift us up. When Elijah felt that he was a failure, God dispatched an angel with provisions to revive his sagging spirit. God revived the spirit of Jacob through the chariots of provisions that came from Joseph. Jesus walked with the depressed disciples on the Emmaus road to revive their hearts. When the group of disciples went back to fishing which was a mark of their backsliding, Jesus went after them and met them at the depth of their failure. In their backsliding, they could not catch any fish in spite of their expertise. Their experience and efforts did not lead them to success. But the Lord Jesus did not forsake them in their defeat. He wanted to revive them and bring them out of their backsliding. These disciples once left their profession of fishing and joined Jesus to become fishers of men. It seems they forgot all about their commitment to Jesus and went back to their profession and business. But they soon found that their business without Jesus was bound to fail. In spite of their disobedience, lack of commitment, backsliding and defeat, the Lord Jesus went to revive them and get them out of their failures. Today He comes to meet us at the lowest level of our faith and commitment to revive us and bring us back to Him.   
Dear reader, are you experiencing failure, loss or defeat in your life today? Have you found that your heart is getting colder day by day towards your Lord? Has your commitment to the Lord Jesus diminished a bit lately? Have you gone back in your loyalty and love to Him and become deeply involved in the business of the world? Has the world with its formulae for success captured your heart? Are you dejected because you have become a failure in life? But there is no need to feel frustrated because the Lord Jesus is coming to you today to revive you from your present situation. He wants to reestablish you in your love to Him. He desires to give you what is needed to rebuild your life so that you can serve Him again. He wants to talk to you if you are willing to listen to Him. He comes close to you and makes Himself available to you, but you need to look up and see Him with your spiritual eyes. When you see Him in His glory, His light will brighten your life and take away the darkness of backsliding and cold-heartedness. He wants to talk to you and help you to confess your failure to Him. When you admit your failure, He will help you to get out of the pits of backsliding and worldliness that you would have fallen into. Will you lift up your eyes and see the Lord Jesus who is standing near you? Will you confess your defeated life to Him and ask Him to rebuild you to continue to serve Him? He will give you bread, water and your cherished ‘fish’ to meet your physical needs so that you can go around and feed His sheep and lambs. He is not willing to give up on you and will not allow any force on earth to take you away from His fold. He will turn your failure into success. When Peter confessed His cold-heartedness to Him, He revived and restored him and soon Peter was able to get a great catch of three thousand souls in the spiritual net that Jesus gave him.
Psalms 34:18 – The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
Thought for Today
God passionately desires to come and meet us at the lowest ebbs of our lives to revive, restore and rebuild us. 
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