Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday, October 04, 2010

Verse for Today
Psalms 4:7 - You have filled my heart with greater joy than when their grain and new wine abound.

Man can experience different kinds of joys in his life. There is joy that comes and goes in this world, but the joy given by the Lord remains forever. There is joy that comes from increased material wealth, but it vanishes away as the wealth dwindles. There is joy that comes from circumstances, but these circumstances are like a cloud in the sky which passes away as the wind of another circumstance blows on it. There is joy that comes from lighter moments of life and that which is created by the fun in life, but it is momentary and is more like a soap bubble which breaks in no time. Man is well-known to be spending all his fortune to gain joy, but has proved that he cannot keep it for long. It goes away within moments and gives man anxiety and perplexity instead the next moment. But the joy that is given by the Lord is not based on circumstances. It is intrinsic joy which comes from a heart that is at rest with the Lord. It is joy given to us by the Lord through His Spirit and His Word. It is heavenly joy and cannot be taken away by any earthly circumstances. It is joy that transcends into eternal life and remains there with us all through eternity. It is joy which gives man strength in his soul and bones. It is joy which gives him sleep even in the most difficult circumstances. It is joy which no one can take away, simply because what God has given cannot be taken away by any force in this universe. It is joy because my name is written in Heaven. It is the joy of the angels who always stand in the presence of the Lord, seeing me seated in the heavenly places. It is a kind of joy which makes us sing in adversity and darkness. It is joy which creates songs in the night which we can sing even with tears in our eyes. It is joy that the Lord fills in our hearts because we are His children and that His character of blessedness or bliss is transmitted to us as the divine nature. This joy far exceeds the joy that the world has even in economic prosperity and material wealth. For a child of God, there is joy in poverty and plenty, in health and sickness, in union and separation, in rain or sunshine and in earthly success or failure. It is the Lord's joy which He gives to us to permeate into all aspects of our lives.

Dear friend, are you a joyful person today? Are you imbibed in the joy of the Lord which might be your strength? Are you able to find joy in your life today no matter what is happening around you? Are you able to see the rays of sunshine even in the midst of the darkest clouds in the horizon? There is no need for you to feel depressed because of the present clouds. Our Lord is willing to take away the dark clouds from your heart even when the outside is cloudy. He will fill your heart with His joy which makes you rejoice in Him in spite of circumstances. It is joy that no one can purchase with any abounding material wealth. It is joy purchased by the Lord for you on the cross of Calvary where He paid the price of the eternal salvation of your soul. He has redeemed your soul from eternal tears in hell and placed you on the Rock which is the Lord Jesus. Your future is secure in the Lord. All of Heavenly resources are available for you to live joyfully in spite of the most difficult circumstances. It is joy unspeakable because it is not going to be adequately explained even after several eternities. No one can speak or write enough about it, but it can be experienced in abundance. Joy fills our hearts with faith in the Lord about our circumstances. Joy gives us confidence when we know in our souls that the Lord is in charge of our affairs and situations. Joy comes to us when we realize that the Lord knows all about our circumstances and that He knows what He is doing in our lives. Once we hand our lives over to Him, we do not need to be discouraged or disappointed and allow our hearts to be cloudy. When the Almighty God is in charge of our lives, why should we also try to be in charge and bear the burnt? The realization that the Lord is in charge of our affairs makes us relax and keep trusting Him to bring it to pass according to His will. Our future is secure in His hands. Because we have handed our future over to Him, it is time for us to rejoice in Him and what He is going to do for us. So let us not waste the privilege given to us by the Lord to rejoice in the daily leading that He gives us and keep trusting Him for our tomorrows.

Isaiah 9:3 - You have enlarged the nation and increased their joy; they rejoice before you as people rejoice at the harvest, as when rejoice when dividing the plunder.

Thought for Today
It is expedient to base our joys on the unchanging Lord rather than on the changing circumstances and things around us.

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