Thursday, October 14, 2010


Verse for Today: Thursday, October 14, 2010

Psalms 27:5 - For in the day of trouble He will keep me safe in His dwelling; He will hide me in the shelter of His tabernacle and set me upon a rock.

King David had gone through a lot of trouble in his life. He had enemies from within his own clan and outside. He went through the valley of the shadow of death several times, but the Lord hid him in the shelter of His tabernacle. The Lord was his hiding place and he could take refuge in the shadow of the Almighty. This was because sheltering His children is one of the ministries performed by our Lord for each of us today. Whether we know it or not, we all go through days of trouble. There are dangers of various type which we all face. Often it is the direct or indirect attack of the enemy, and sometimes it is the way this wicked world operates that poses threat to us. Our enemy is a thief, a destroyer and a murderer and he wants to annihilate and remove us from the face of the earth. But the Lord would not allow that to happen, because just as in the case of David, Joseph, Daniel and other choice servants of the Lord, He has special plan for us also. Perhaps we might not be doing great things that these choice servants were called upon to do, but in the eyes of the Lord, even the little things that we do for Him are important and big. He recognizes the widow's mite greater than the money bags given by the rich people. All of us are His beloved children and we are all the precious souls earned with the life and blood of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary and so are all extremely valuable. The great things done by any child of God is used only for rewards at the Bema, but we are all equally loved and cherished by the Lord greatly. So He is keen to keep us hidden in His tent so that we would not get hurt by the enemy and his corrupt system in this world. But He will bring us out of the tent at the right time and lift us up on a rock so that all will know who we are and how precious we are to the Lord whose sheep we are.

Dear friend, there is no need for you to think that some unusual thing has happened to you because you have some troubles. We are warned by the Lord Jesus that we will have trouble in this world. We are sent out as sheep among the wolves. We are the lily among the thorns. We walk the narrow way to follow the suffering Savior on the cross. We are guaranteed that if we walk after the Man of Galilee, we will be hated, despised and rejected by the world. What we have and what we should have will be taken away from us and our rights will not be granted to us. At such times we need to realize that we have vouched to crucify our rights on the cross. If the world hated our Lord, we should not expect them to love us. Whatever the world did to our Lord will be done to us also. So, dear friend, cheer up, because in spite of the trouble that is awaiting us each day, the Lord will be there for us and He will take care of us. We will enjoy His protection in His presence, and our hearts will be at peace even when there is turmoil on the outside. Our Lord is watching all that is going on around us and He wants to reassure us that He knows it all and that He is there with us when we go through these difficulties. He will carry us in His mighty arms, lift us up and hold us on His shoulders. We will be protected by the Lord just as a mother bird protects her chicks under its wings. Thus we will enjoy perfect safety and security, with full and perfect peace and the joy of the Lord's protection. At the right time, He will lift us up on a rock and at that time the world will all be ashamed and embarrassed. Remember, when the whole of the city of Jericho was in ruins and the inhabitants experiencing punishment from God, Rahab was going for a wedding - her own wedding. This is how it is going to be for us, for we will be attending our wedding with our Heavenly Bridegroom when the world will go into utter ruin. So let us comfort ourselves with the comfort from the Word today that our Lord is our protection and security and that there is no need for us to worry or fret.

Psalms 31:20 - You hide them in the secret place of Your presence from the conspiracies of man; You keep them secretly in a shelter from the strife of tongues.

Thought for Today
The best security in the wake of enemy attack is in the presence of the Lord.

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