Monday, October 25, 2010


Verse for Today: Monday, October 25, 2010

Psalms 27:14 - Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

As we wait for the Lord to act on our behalf to give us answers to our prayers, we are susceptible to be discouraged. So the Spirit of God keeps telling us to wait for the Lord's time. In the meanwhile, we are encouraged and empowered by the same Spirit to be strong in the Lord and be courageous. We are told time and again not to be disillusioned. This repeated admonition from the Lord is because He knows our frame and understands that we dust. He knows that we are not essentially stable in our thoughts and that discouragement can easily creep into our hearts. Any strong person can become discouraged in trying times. David who was not shaken in front of Goliath was totally discouraged in front of king Soul. Moses had no confidence to meet Pharaoh. Gideon was a very fearful man with doubts filled in his heart. Joshua was a very courageous man, but he was discouraged when his army lost battle with the people of Ai. Even when the Lord Jesus was in their boat, the disciples were fearful and thought that there was no hope for them. But in all of these circumstances, the Lord gave each of them courage and took away their fears. He kept reassuring them that they should wait for His time to act. This was how He acted at the marriage at Cana, and many of His miracles where in the context of hopelessness of man. His time comes most often when we realize that we are totally inadequate for the task before us. Even at such times, the Lord's response comes to us with compassion that we should wait for His time and should in no way loose our faith and trust in Him.

Dear friend, are you finding it difficult to wait any longer for the Lord to act on your behalf? Is your heart troubled and are you loosing your strength to wait any longer? Even at this time of desperation, the Lord says to you once again today that He will give you His strength to wait and keep on trusting Him. He told Mary and Martha not to loose heart even after Lazarus was dead. He strengthened Daniel in lion's den and his three brothers in the furnace. In all these cases, we find that at the right time the Lord acted. All of these dear saints could see that the Lord's waiting is never negative, but is a time of positive preparation for Him to act. When He acts, it gives Him all the credit for what He does in our lives. That is why He acts at His time and in His own way. If you and I know this Lord personally, we should have no hesitation to wait for Him, for He says what He means and it will take place accordingly. He will not leave us orphans and will not allow His credibility to be lost through our lives. Remember how Joseph had to wait for 13 years for his dreams to come true! Moses had to wait for 40 years to be of use to the Lord to rescue the people of Israel from the slavery in Egypt. David had to run around like a dog for several years before he got the throne. Abraham had to wait for a long time before God gave him Isaac. Hanna prayed for a long time and the Lord gave her Samuel. Ruth had to wait for the Lord's time to become the bride of Boaz. This God is our God and He will do the same for us, perhaps in a different way, to take glory to Himself in all that happens in our lives. Let us today wait for Him and His time, which will never be late or early. Waiting for Him today is an adventure in faith and is certainly exciting, because as we wait for the Lord's time, He will be with us to strengthen us in our faith and trust in the Lord.

Psalms 37:34 - Wait for the Lord and keep His way, He will exalt you to inherit the land.

Thought for Today
Waiting for the Lord is waiting with Him because He will never leave us alone.

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