Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Verse for Today: Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Psalms 3:5 - I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the Lord sustains me.

Sleeplessness is a serious disorder faced by millions of people in this world. It is often a physical condition because of a series of psychological causes which have built up over a period of time. Medicines often help to some extent, but medicines largely handle the symptoms of sleeplessness and not the causes. Sleep is a gift God given to man and it is a physiological reality given to man by God in creation. But when we allow our minds to be bothered with the cares of this life with all its anxieties and apprehensions, consequences about these cares tend to control us and thus we are unable to sleep. We imagine out the worst that might happen to us and slowly believe that it will happen to us, and the fear and tension which emanate from these negative thoughts will work up in our minds to deprive us of sleep. But David had no problem sleeping in the worst scenario of his royalty when he was driven out of his throne and palace. Even while he was running for life, that too from his own son Absalom, David could sleep. He was no more sleeping on his royal bed with all its softness and comfort, and the fragrance of the royal bedroom, for he is now in the wilderness. As he lied down to sleep, he had no idea whether he would wake up in life or in eternity. A powerful enemy was hunting for his life and he knew it well. But David could sleep in peace because he knew that His Lord was with him. He knew that he could sleep and will wake up because the Lord allows him to be sustained for His purposes in this world. The man after God's own heart knew that there were several unfinished agenda for his life for the Lord and that the Lord would preserve his life for the accomplishment of all these divine plans to be fulfilled. So David was confident and strong in the Lord and he put all his faith in the Lord. He went to sleep in limited facilities and uncertain circumstances, knew that the One who was protecting him and giving him sleep was his Lord who would keep him going even in the worst circumstances. He knew that he was alive each day and that he sleeps and wakes up because his Lord was alive and was his protection all the days of his life.

Dear friend, is there something bothering you so much so that you are unable to lie down and sleep without worry or anxiety? Remember, it is the Lord who gives you sleep if you give your life and your circumstances to Him. Your body needs rest and sleep which the Lord wants to bless you with. While you sleep, He will hold on to you and your circumstances, and work them out for your blessings and His glory. He knows what to do for you and how to handle your case at the right time. Even while you rest and sleep, He will continue to work on your concerns and cares because you are His primary concern. He acts at the right time for you to solve your problems. He will never be inactive nor will He be late in doing what is necessary, because He is compassionate towards you. His eyes are always upon you and all the Heavenly resources are kept for you to use for your welfare and His glory. So when you go to bed, it is best to hand over all the cares, concerns and burdens to the Lord, and ask Him to work on it while you rest a while. And He will wake you up at the right time to keep going with those things that you need to do on a daily basis. Remember, after handing your concerns and cares to Him, you don't need to carry it again because it is in His hands. You should not have the temptation to take it back from the Lord. If you continue to worry about your problems, it is an indication that you don't trust Him any more. If you can trust Him for your eternity, you should be able to trust Him for your tomorrows and the upcoming moments of your life. So, hand all your cares over to Him and rest a while and trust that the Lord will bring it to pass. He is your bulwark and strong pillar who can handle all your burdens for as long as it takes for Him to resolve it. So, dear friend, it is best to commit your nights to the Lord and sleep in faith and expect great things from the Lord as you wake up. He has great plans for you to accomplish in your tomorrows and so it is best to ask Him to prepare your body and mind with necessary rest through the night while you enjoy the blessing of sleep from Him.

Psalms 121:4 - Behold, He who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.

Thought for Today
There is no need for both you and the Lord not to sleep, for He has promised to watch over you while you are asleep.

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