Saturday, October 9, 2010


Verse for Today: Saturday, October 09, 2010

Psalms 16:7 - I will praise the Lord, who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me.

Counseling has become a very popular profession in the modern world. We have counsellors for resolving mental illness, investment issues, travel woes, real estate transactions, employment problems and health concerns. They give their opinions to handle our problems for which some of them even charge heavily. We tend to do what we feel is right even after we get their counsel, and sometimes, we try to go for a second opinion. Even then we go wrong on many counts. But there is a wonderful counselor who is our Lord. He gives perfect counseling in the most appropriate manner. His answers to our concerns are always the best and without flaw. He calls a spade a spade and tells us what is wrong and what can be done to change the scenario. He gives us convictions and consolations as we try to handle our problems. But He wants us to handle our concerns His way and not our way, because His ways are perfect and our ways are often immature and impulsive. He wants us to first of all trust Him to be the real and benevolent counselor, then to listen to Him with a willing heart to obey, and finally follow it up with full obedience. His ultimate objective is our well-being and welfare. He would like us to follow His way because He is the way and all that He shows is the right way. He expects us to obey His counsel, or else we will pick up the consequences for disobedience. He speaks to us only when we go to Him and ask for His counsel. He always has something to tell us if we have the ears to listen. He speaks to us through our conscience and spirit on the basis of His Word. His Spirit interacts with our spirits and give us the convictions that we need in order to take the right decisions. Often our intellectual minds will try to argue with His wise counsel and try to lead us in the ways of the world which will take us to the wrong place. If we keep asking Him for counsel and if we keep meditating on His Word and the experiences that He has used in the past to teach us, then His counsel will be clear to us. Even when we are spending our time on our beds in meditation, His Spirit will counsel us. His wise counsel echoes in our hearts while we are in intense prayer seeking His ways.

Dear friend, are you at any cross-roads today and need to make the right decision about some important matters in life? It may be that you have several such decisions to make and roads to choose from, at home, in your place of work or education. You are probably confused because of the many ways which seem good in your thinking. But you are given the freedom to check the Word of God and ask the Spirit of God to show you the way. If He is delaying in responding to your prayer, it is time not to jump into any impulsive decisions. Keep meditating on His Word and speaking to Him in prayer. His wise and perfect counsel will reflect in your heart in the due course. During your times of meditation and prayer, focus your heart on the Lord and ask Him to speak to you. He will speak through specific portions of the Word and allow you to listen to the soft, but firm words of the Spirit. Even while you are on your bed, keep seeking the ways of the Lord and listen to His Spirit. He will speak only if you are willing to listen. If you are not obeying what has already been revealed, it would be difficult to expect the Lord to speak again and again. You probably need to confess your past disobedience and give the Lord the assurance that you are willing to listen and follow His instructions. Just as a radio is tuned to a station, your heart needs to be tuned to the Lord so that you can listen to His voice. You need to develop a deep sensitivity to the voice of the Lord, but such sensitivity will emerge only if you spend time with Him and get used to listening to Him. That is when you will receive His counsel which will lead you to praise Him. Remember, the Lord is the only wise counsellor. Desiring His counsel and expressing the willingness to obey Him is the right response that He expects from us today. May we be adequately prepared and willing to heed to this Heavenly Counsellor and be blessed in our lives so that all praise for all that happens in our lives will go to Him!

1 Samuel 3:10 - The Lord came and stood there, calling as at other times, "Samuel! Samuel!" Then Samuel said, "Speak, for your servant is listening."

Thought for Today
The only fees the Heavenly Counsellor demands from us for His services is total obedience.

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