Thursday, December 16, 2010


Abundant Giving by the Loving Father

Verse for Today: Thursday, December 16, 2010
Psalms 86:5 - But You, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive, and abundant in loving kindness to those who call upon You.

It is very comforting to know that our Lord is good to us in spite of our failures and disobedience. Even when we come short of our love for Him, He still loves us. He is also very compassionate in that He forgives us when we ask for forgiveness of all our sins. He knows that if we are not forgiven by Him, we will have to be punished by Him because He is a righteous God who must punish all unconfessed sins. But He also admonishes us to confess our sins to Him, and then He will forgive us of all the sins that we confess. He is ready to forgive us and reassures us that if we confess He will forgive all our sins and iniquities. He listens to our prayers because He is a God who is full of loving kindness. He knows too well that if He doesn't show loving kindness to us, we will be like destitute, and will have no future. So He shows compassion to us and listens to our cries for forgiveness. He attends to our petitions and supplications with kindness which He extends to us abundantly. But His kindness is His special regard for us as His loving children. Our disobedience to Him doesn't change our relation with Him as our Father, but it will leave us as disobedience children. This is why we need to recognize our disobedience and approach Him for His complete forgiveness. When He forgives, He forgets also. But His forgiveness is not a license for us to go on sinning against Him. Each time we sin against Him, it grieves His heart. He would then long for us to go to Him for forgiveness. Our God is such a compassionate and loving God and He understands our human frailties and deals with us with patience.

Dear friend, your Father in Heaven is full of compassion towards you because He knows how needy you are. He also knows that He is the only one who can meet your needs in a satisfactory way. But He deals with you on the basis of the forgiveness He extends to you. This is because He must forgive you before He answers your prayers. At the same time, He wants to meet your needs according to His benevolence. So we have a wonderful Father in our God who is far greater and compassionate than any of the human fathers. He is quick to forgive us if we confess. He is all knowledgeable in that He knows our needs long before we ask Him. He is all sufficient in that He has enough and more resources to meet all our needs in the most magnificent manner. When He gives, He gives according to His measure which is far greater than any human pattern of giving. His hands are unlimited in its capacity to give. He always gives His best to His children which meet all their needs in the best possible manner. He doesn't keep an account of how much He gives because His giving is measureless. His giving is abundant and far beyond any one's capacity to imagine. And He keeps on giving as if His reservoir is a fountain which showers blessings on His children in a continuous manner. How fortunate are we that we have such a wonderful and compassionate Father in Heaven who is the greatest giver the world has ever seen or will ever see! Let us be grateful to Him and receive all that He gives to us with gratitude and continue to use all that He gives for His service.

Psalms 6:9 - The Lord has heard my supplication, the Lord receives my prayer.

Thought for Today
When God gives, He gives according to His standard and dignity to meet our needs abundantly.

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