Friday, December 3, 2010

The Beloved Flock of the Great Shepherd

Verse for Today: Friday, December 03, 2010
Psalms 77:20 - You led Your people like a flock by the hand of Moses and Aaron.

Sheep is considered as a thoughtless animal which easily strays away from the place of safety and security. It is prone to wander and get into danger, and would find it very difficult to learn lessons from past mistakes. God considers His people as sheep and He ministers unto them as their Shepherd. He has purchased these sheep from the clutches of the enemy with the life and blood of the Lamb because He loves them so much. His love towards them is not because they are worthy of His love, but because He is love and doesn't want these thoughtless sheep to be lost and eventually destroyed. He has created them for Himself, but they had wandered away from Him and His commandments. So He purchased them to Himself and now leads them through the rough and touch patches of the pathways through which they are to tread. His hand of protection is on them and He provides for all their needs. He is their Good Shepherd who walks before them and leads them by the Word of His mouth. He directs them and keeps their enemies away from them. He also disciplines them as and when necessary because He is interested in them. He is their leader, guide, example and benefactor. He lives for them and expect them to live for Him no matter where they are. He will one day come back to take them to His heavenly abode to live with them forever and ever. While the flock is on this earth, He appoints spiritual stewards to care for them as unto Himself. So this redeemed flock of The Lord enjoy their sojourn in spite of the heat and the dust that blow against them throughout this wilderness journey. He brings them up as a group so that they have mutual check and fellowship while they journey together. These sheep of the Lord are thus the most fortunate lot in this world because their Good Shepherd is with them in all circumstances and situations to meet all their needs, concerns and challenges.

Dear friend, do you enjoy being the sheep of this great and benevolent Shepherd? Have you been grateful for His special protection and provisions for all your needs? Do you enjoy the company, friendship and fellowship of other sheep in the flock of God? Are your needs abundantly met by your Shepherd? Do you enjoy walking with Him and walk after Him at the same time? Remember, fortunately you have become His sheep and so you have the privilege to enjoy all the blessings of the Heavenly places while here on earth. These blessings are a prelude to what is in store for you when you reach the Sheep Pen of this Great Shepherd. While you are on your sojourn through this wilderness, you have the freedom to talk to your Shepherd about all your concerns and He will guard your heart and mind without anxiety. He meets every need of yours and constantly reaffirms His love and grace to you so that you can travel without fear about the future. Your future is secure in His hands. He knows where He is taking you to and keeps giving you a blessed hope about all your tomorrows. He showers His abundant love on you all the time. He might not approve all that you do and sometimes will discipline you so that you will straighten out your walk and conversations. He gives you the confidence to keep going and gives you the reassurance that He will take you to the Cape of Good Hope. So you see, you are given the best that is beyond all your imaginations while here on earth and are guaranteed the most perfect blessings when you reach Heaven. What more can you ask for, that too, without paying for it? Today let us be grateful to our Great Shepherd for accepting us into His flock and leading us through this wilderness journey. Remember, you cannot have anxiety about your present or future needs because this most benevolent Shepherd is with you with His hands full of Heavenly blessings for you.

Psalms 23:1 - The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

Thought for Today
The thoughtless sheep are given Heavenly wisdom to trust the Good Shepherd and walk after Him.

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