Sunday, December 5, 2010


My Life for His Glory!

Verse for Today: Sunday, December 05, 2010
Psalms 79:9a - Help us, O God of our salvation, for the glory of Your name.

Quite a lot of our regular prayers are asking for things for our own welfare, progress and prosperity. We are often like the lost son who asked his father to give him whatever that he felt was his share. But just as he said when he came to his senses, we need to ask the Lord to make us what we ought to be according to the goodness of the Father. What He wants us to become is according to His will and pleasure and as per His eternal plan and purpose. This process of transformation is not for us to gain prestige, popularity, prominence, position and any kind of recognition in this world. It is solely for the Lord to take full and absolute glory out of our lives here on earth. The reason why we are what we have become is solely out of the grace of our Lord and it is because of His death on the cross. He has paid the price for us to become what He wants us to be and so all the returns from our lives ought to naturally become a matter of praise for His name and to get glory to Him. So when we pray and ask for His special hand in our lives on a daily basis, we should be praying that whatever that happens in our lives ought to be for His glory. He has guaranteed that all that He does in our lives is for our good and for His glory. When He plans our lives for His glory, He gives us satisfaction in our lives no matter what our situations are. His Spirit has taught us to praise Him no matter what we go through as long as it brings glory to Him. Whether we live or die, ear or drink, gain or loose, healthy or sick, or become successful or failure, it is for His glory and praise. This is why the Spirit has taught us to pray, along with the Psalmist that we seek His face to do any thing that He is pleased with in our lives as long as it brings glory to His name. It is true that we do not always understand how He takes glory through our lives. So we leave it to Him to decide what ought to happen in our lives and how He would take glory through our lives.

Hello friend, are you determined in your heart that all that ought to happen to you in this life ought to bring glory to the name of your Savior who gave up all His glory to die like a criminal between two great criminals? His death on the cross brought glory to the Father because Calvary revealed the love of God in action and opened the reservoir of the grace of God. At the death of the Lord Jesus, a Roman centurion was able to say that He was truly the Son of God. All the way from Bethlehem to the open tomb, all that had happened in the life of our Lord on earth brought glory to Him and to the Father. It was a path of suffering, sacrifice, mockery, ridicule, shortages, rejection and misrepresentation, but all of it brought forth great glory to Him. Even though He was wounded, His stripes caused us to be healed of our sin sickness. So dear friend, if you are going through any of the experiences of our Lord Jesus in a small measure, it will bring forth glory to the Lord. It comes through the praises which emanate from our hearts. It also comes out of the mouths of those who observe us. It might lead others to the Lord to get saved or draw others for a closer walk with the Lord. It would sometimes give the frustrated ones a ray of hope and courage to face the realities of life. Our testimony of how the Lord deals with us in difficult circumstances and how He provides a release would also make others praise the Lord and help them to learn to trust the same Lord in their lives also. The experiences of Daniel and his brothers, Joseph, Peter, Paul and scores of other saints throughout the centuries have thus brought glory to the name of the Lord. All of these challenge us to pray in all our supplications to the Lord that through all that happens in our lives, His name ought to get all the glory. We need to pray that we may be hidden behind the cross and that our names should never come out for any recognition. We pray further that ultimately our lives should end up in giving all glory in all that we are and do to the Lord who gave up His heavenly glory for us even for a short period.

Psalms 115:1 - Not to us, O Lord, not to us but to Your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.

Thought for Today
Any thing in our lives that brings glory to the name of the Lord will be for our ultimate good.

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