Monday, December 6, 2010


Demonstrated Ownership

Verse for Today: Monday, December 06, 2010
Psalms 79:13 - So we Your people and the sheep of Your pasture will give thanks to you forever; to all generations we will tell of Your praise.

When we approach God with utterances of praise and prayer, we go with the qualification and confidence that we are His people and we are like the sheep of His pasture. We are His people because we were secured by Him by paying the highest price to redeem us from the clutches of Satan. Because He has purchased us with His blood, we are His special possession. So He handles us with care and concern. He fills us each moment of our lives with His presence. His power dwells in us through His Spirit and Word. His angels encompass around us to protect us from all evil. He walks with us and guides us to walk in our sojourn. There is no area in our lives that He is not interested in. He has a plan for each area of our lives, whether it is our physical health, spiritual health and growth, our values, preferences, likes, dislikes, attitudes, behavior, education, career, ministry and even in our rest and leisure. He wants us to go forward in all of these areas as directed by Him and He trains us to walk worthy of our calling as His people. His resources are available for us to live happily as His people in this world and bear witness to this truth. We are also His sheep because we were once lost sheep and He found us out and saved us. He has taken us to be part of His flock and keeps us under His supervision, love, care and protection. He is the lover of our souls and so His eyes are always on us. When we have such a positively possessive Lord, how can we wander away from His love? How can we waver about our daily needs? We respond to His love by living for Him and respond to His care by living by faith without anxiety.

Dear friend, are you conscious of the extent of value attached to your soul by the Lord who gave His life for you to save you from the slavery of sin and Satan? If you are captured by His love for you, it will be seen by the way you live practically by giving the Lord first and foremost place in all areas of your life. Such a response to His love can be seen in your aspirations and focus in life. He expects you to leave all areas of your life to Him to mould and to build for His purpose and for His glory. He desires that you leave all avenues of your life to Him and live by faith each moment of your life. If you recognize the Lord as your sole owner and Shepherd, you ought to live to demonstrate such truths in your practical life. Your life ought to be one that is lost in the love of Jesus which should indicate that you have given Him full charge of your life. This is a reality that can be experienced each moment of our lives and a truth that can be passed on to the generations after us so that they will also learn to trust this Lord. It also deserves a heart and life of deeper worship and indebtedness to Him for who He really is and what He has done for you. When such utterances of praise come out of us, it would refresh His heart. The Lord only expects such deep gratitude and worship from us and nothing else. Such a true worship is the sacrifice of all that we are and we have which is a reasonable response that should come from our hearts to the Lord. He is always waiting to receive practical demonstration of such expression of worship and sacrifice from us.

Psalms 95:7 - For He is our God and we are people of His pasture and the sheep of His hand.

Thought for Today
Our ownership by God will be demonstrated in the way in which we live.

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