Saturday, December 4, 2010


Verse for Today: Saturday, December 04, 2010
Psalms 78:70 - He chose David His servant and took him from the sheep pen

God is pleased to choose His servants to work in this world for Him. This is an eternal choice made in eternity past. His choice is based on His eternal plan through a Lamb that was prepared and kept ready for timely intervention. Through the sacrifice of that Lamb, God had already seen His servants and made plans for them to serve Him in special and unique ways. He plans their ancestry and lineage and prepares them through godly upbringing. At the right time, He sets them out to start their service for Him and takes all glory through what He enables them to do. All the provisions that are required for them to aid in their service are also made available for them so that as they serve Him, they would not need to have any earthly care and anxieties. It doesn't matter what background they come from, in all their upbringing God's hands will be upon them to teach them lessons which will be of use in serving Him. Abraham was a tent maker who pointed the human race to a permanent city by faith. Jacob, his children and David were shepherds to learn how to tend sheep and bring them up for the Master. Disciples like Peter, John and James were fishermen and they learned to catch men in the stormy sea of this world. Paul was a teacher of the law and he was prepared to teach the laws of the Lord and even made part of the team to write it down. Many of God's choice servants were taken from low estate like that of David. But God lifted him up to take the role of the leader of the nation of Israel. Even when his family did not think of him, the Lord thought about him and had already chosen him. He knew how to tend sheep, but even at that time he knew that the Lord was his Shepherd and that He will give him the experience of a sheep who is totally dependent on the Shepherd. Just as the Lord tended David as His beloved sheep, He tends each of us as He is our Jehovah Jirah. This is the reason why His sheep are able to eat from His pastures, drink from His living water fountain and rest in the cool of His gracing field.

Dear friend, what special ministry or responsibility has the Lord prepared you for? What lessons has the Lord taught you in life that you can use in His service? You would have acquired special spiritual values and insights which will work as powerful forces to drive you forward in trusting the Lord to continue to be His servants. It is your responsibility to identify and understand these and use it all for His glory as you dwell in His presence day after day. Remember, you are appointed to serving the Lord in some capacity. You are privileged to have this divine appointment. He will give you all the guidance and strength and will supply you with all the resources to serving Him. While you serve Him, He will meet all your personal needs according to His riches in glory and has given you the freedom to draw from His reservoir which is exclusively kept for you. If you don't draw from His well of blessings, you will have to take the blame for depriving yourself. He doesn't withhold any good thing for you to enjoy and He decides what is good for you and what is not. You will have to speak to Him to let Him know what your needs are and listen to Him as He speaks to you through His Word and His Spirit. He gives you guidance through the Book He has written for you which is your route map for the journey you have undertaken for Him. He corrects you if and when you sidetrack from His pathway and disciplines you when you disobey. Remember, you are His servant and so you are under His authority. It is His prerogative to discipline you in His path so that your journey would be according to His will and plan. What a wonderful experience it is to be part of the flock of God and how exciting it is to be lifted up by His own hands to places of responsibility in His vineyard! Let us be grateful to Him for His pleasure to use us for His glory. Let us also enjoy all that He gives us and use it all for His glory and honor.

Genesis 32:10 - I am unworthy of all the kindness and faithfulness You have shown Your servant. I had only my staff when I crossed this Jordan, but now I have become two groups.

Thought for Today
Looking back to the quarry from where we were taken will give us the humility to continue to be servants of our great Master.

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