Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sustainability Test

Verse for Today: Wednesday, December 01, 2010
Psalms 73:25 - Whom have I in heaven but you? And besides you I desire nothing on earth.

It is meaningless to desire something that we are sure not to get. On the other hand, it is most meaningful to covet that which will never be lost and that which we can keep forever. Man generally lacks this wisdom and he desires a lot of things that they are almost surely not to get keep. Man spends all his energy throughout his life to desire things that he cannot get and to keep, and thus experience frustrations which end up in increased tensions, stress and subsequent illnesses. Some who don't get what they desire through normal means try shortcuts and thus get into deep trouble in life for which they pay a heavy price. But God gives man a viable and meaningful option for a desire which is that man should desire God. If man desires God and seeks after Him, he will surely find Him to keep for eternity. He is in Heaven and at the same time here on earth as He is Omnipresent. He has all that man wants in Heaven for eternity, but also prepares man's ways on earth so that he will have a joyful ride through this life. Here God promises to meet all our needs and give us joy on the way. The Psalmist knew how he was able to find this reality and practice it in life. He had no desire in this life other than for the Lord and he affirms that the Lord was there for him in Heaven as well. But he reaffirms his ultimate focus in life by testifying that in this life he didn't desire any thing more than the Lord. The Psalmist realizes that even if he desires something in this life, it won't be his to keep. All that we see around us will vanish from our sight in due course, and all whom we have in this life will leave us one day. But that is not the case with the Lord. He will be our friend, philosopher and guide in this life and will walk and talk with us as a permanent and inseparable companion. We can possess Him as our beloved Lord who is the lover of our souls. He will never leave us alone, but keeps us company come rain or sunshine. He meets our needs, gives us fellowship and helps us to grow in our love for Him on a daily basis. He protects us from all evil and straightens out our pathways in which we can enjoy fellowship with Him.

Dear friend, what are your desires in life? Are they concerning yourself or God? Are they heavenly or earthly? Do you ever struggle to choose between what is temporal and what is permanent? You will have to finally learn to leave those things which you will definitely lose and cling on to those that cannot be lost. We should be possessive of things which are heavenly and eternal and take our hands off things that we are sure not to keep. This means that we do not love any thing or any one more than the Lord. Our beloved home is our Home in Heaven, and so we should not love our earthly brick-and-cement home as very dear to us. These temporal things like house, automobile or money are only resources that are entrusted with us to use for God's glory and for meeting our mundane needs as we serve the Lord. It is one thing to talk about the Lord as our ultimate love, but it is yet another thing to put it into practice. As the Lord knows our hearts and the degree of our commitment, we cannot bluff with Him. He knows who is calling Him "Lord, Lord" genuinely or as a sheer camouflage and as publicity stunt. We must realize that our genuineness of love for the Lord is written in our hearts and will be exposed publicly one day before the Lord. At that time our masks of piety will fall apart and the real attitudes will be explicit. So let us today renew our commitment to the Lord and declare that we do not really have any desire other than the Lord and His business, and that we trust Him for all that He has prepared for us in the Heavenly abode which will not perish, nor will be taken away from us and will never be lost. Let us renew this solemn commitment to the Lord who gave up all that He had in Heaven to come down to this earth to save us. It is wonderful to live in this world knowing that we have no desire other than the Lord here and now, and that we look forward to seeing Him face to face to reign with Him in His eternal Home.

John 21:15a - When they had finished eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter, "Simon son of John, do you truly love me more than these?"

Thought for Today
Time and eternity will prove to us that only our desire for the Lord will stand the reality test and nothing else will sustain.

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