Monday, December 13, 2010


Strength and Joy for the Pilgrim

Verse for Today: Monday, December 13, 2010
Psalms 84:5 - Blessed are those whose strength is in You, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage.

All human beings need strength to live happily in this world. They do everything possible to gain and retain physical strength so as to enable them to withstand the pressures of environmental changes to live in bliss. People also try to develop and enlarge their mental strength to be able to float above circumstances. There are those who find good market for spiritual strength through a lot of religions activities. But history has proved that none of these give lasting strength and health to people and that over the years, their strength and health fail no matter what they attempt to do. But there is a source of strength and health for all who are keen to have it in abundance. It is found in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ who gives strength and health to those who seek after Him. He gives spiritual strength and health which lead the seekers to become eternally healthy and strong. Jesus gives eternal life to those who seek after Him and come to Him with true repentance and confession. When they do that, Jesus provides them with eternal life where their strength never erodes. It starts in this life itself and emerges into into the life to come. So the child of God who meets Jesus and be born into the family of God will take a pilgrimage to Heaven to continue with eternal life in its physical sense. He or she will be able to enjoy the spiritual strength provided by the Lord and become happy people. They are also people who are able to help other lives to gain this power by leading people to the Lord Jesus Christ. As they pursue this pilgrimage to Heaven, they walk with the Lord Jesus and go on singing and praising the name of the Lord. Their hearts are filled with gratitude to the Lord for giving them His power through the Holy Spirit. Since then, their priorities and direction in life change and they set their hearts to focus in Heaven where they would spend the eternity praising and worshipping the Lord Jesus who died to make them strong in Him.

Dear friend, do you remember the time when you were spiritually weak and powerfess? At that time you remember how you could not even respond to the love of God because you were dead in your sins and trespasses. But the Lord Jesus Christ brought you back to spiritual life and enabled you to trust in Him as your savior and Lord. But now that you have received this new life, you are privileged to live in the power of this new life which is the power of God. It is the power to recognize God and to worship Him. It is the power to believe in all the promises of God without doubt and confusion. It is a life which makes you a happy person because you now possess the joy of the Lord in your life. But is this life of joy a reality in you? Are you able to demonstrate the joy of the Lord which is supposed to be your strength? Or do you worry about every little thing and live as a powerless and lifeless person? Are you able to hold on to the promises of God and believe on them without the shadow of a doubt? Do you trust in the Lord for all your needs, situations and circumstances? Is the power of God seen in your life by others or do they see a demonstration of the flesh and the world in you? Are you able to speak the word of God with power and authority? Do you command the enemy of your soul in the power of God to keep away from your situations and affairs? When you realize that you are missing the strength of God in your life, do you wait upon the Lord to renew your power by getting filled with the Spirit? This is the life of the strength of God and it is seen in the perpetual joyful encounters you have with life. The strength of God also enables you to attempt great things for God. But all of these are accomplished in your life as you continue to enjoy your pilgrimage. Your life ought to reflect the characteristics of a person who is only traveling through this world without making it their permanent abode. In our pilgrimage, the Lord Jesus walks with us to meet all our needs and to encourage us to walk in His steps. He gives us directions and supplies songs on the way which we sing and make a joyful noise unto the Lord for the praise of His name and for the expansion of His kingdom. Hallelujah! What a privilege it is for us to live in God's strength for His glory and ultimately walk with Him to His physical presence in Heaven!

Psalms 29:11 - The Lord gives strength to His people; the Lord blesses His people with peace.

Thought for Today
God's strength becomes a reality in my life when my own strength is placed on the alter for His glory.

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