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Verse for Today: Saturday, December 11, 2010
Psalms 81:10b - Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.

We are confronted each day by the God of the Universe with an admonition and a commandment to open our hearts with deep craving for Him and His resources. His admonition is accompanied with His most powerful and never-chaning promise that if we open our hearts, He will fill it. On the one hand we have the right and the privilege to open our hearts and lives as wide as we could possibly do, and on the other hand, no matter how much we crave for Him and His blessings, He will meet every bit of it fully, completely and absolutely. This is because God has all the resourcefulness to fill our hearts and lives. He knows what is best for us and the measure in which we can take it. God's promise here is conditional in that unless we have the desire for the Lord and His blessings, it would be difficult for Him to give to us. So He warns us to be sufficiently aware of the need for developing the right desires. The more we desire Him, the more He will help us enjoy Him and to that extent, He will fill us with Himself. When He fills us with Himself, it means filling us with His glory, His character, His holiness, righteousness and presence. When we are thus controlled by thoughts about God, we would be least bothered about our immediate environment. This is the process of getting lost in the wonder and awe of Him. He then becomes the most important and number one priority in our lives. Our desire for Him will come as we dwell more and more with Him and occupy ourselves with thoughts about Him. As we read and meditate on His Word, His Spirit will expose His glory into our hearts in a more and more intense manner. Thus when we are more and more occupied with Him, He will control our lives and thoughts and will influence our desires, priorities, likes, dislikes, preferences, ambitions, plans and the entire focus of our lives. The most meaningful life in this world is one which is filled with God and His things. Today God is inviting us to open the mouths of our desires and needs to Him and allow Him to fill it as He sees fit at His pace.

Dear friend, is your mouth widely open for the Lord to fill it just as the beak of a chick when its mother comes to feed it? How much of a deep desire you have today for the Lord to fill you with Himself and His resources? Do you go to the earthly sources to fill your mouth with the lukewarm water which comes from the broken cisterns of this world? If you drink that water, you will be thirsty again because that does not have the capacity to fill the voids in your life. Today you have the freedom to open your hearts and lives as wide and deep as possible so that the Lord can fill you more deeply. But if you are opening your lives and hearts for the world to fill you with attractive things like education, positions, power, money, fame and prestige, the world will give it to you to make you desire more of the same kind which will never satisfy you. It will make you go for more, thinking that it will ultimately satisfy you. But the world's philosophy is to lure you away from God and His blessings. Going after this world is like chasing the wind because you will never reach any where and yet keep going to continue with your cravings. If you are fully open, He will fill you to the brink. He wants to fill you today not for you to use it to promote you, but to use it all to overflow to others around you so that they will also get to enjoy the blessings of God to minister unto their needs through you. When they develop a thirst for God's things, you will then be able to lead them to the Lord to quench their thirst and fill their lives too. When the Lord thus fills you with Himself, He will not deny you any thing that you need to sincerely follow the Lord. He will meet all your physical, emotional and spiritual needs so that you can continue to serve the Lord with satisfaction. Today let us go to the Lord and meditate on His attributes and promises and ask Him in humble prayer to fill us with Himself in the greatest measure with which He alone will be able to do. Let us keep away from any of the worldly desires which the enemy of our souls will try to drop into our hearts. Let us tell the Lord that we need Him and Him alone. Let Him see our deepest cravings for Him and fill us to the brink. Let His character fill us to overflowing so that we will continue to be a blessing to others. Remember, if we do not have deep desire for Him, we will live as spiritual paupers. In order not to be in spiritual poverty, let us open our mouths wide and allow the Lord of the Universe to fill it.

Psalms 104:28 - When You give it to them, they gather it up; when You open Your hand, they are satisfied with good things.

Thought for Today
Denying the Lord the privilege to fill our lives with good things is rejecting the mercy, grace and love of God.

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