Saturday, September 24, 2011


Calming the storms of life!

Verse for Today: Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mark 4:37 – And there arose a fierce gale of wind, and the waves were breaking over the boat so that the boat was already filling up.

Our lives often get into fierce gales which are so powerful as to try to break our lives. These gales appear without notice and that too from unexpected corners. We are often caught unprepared to face such wind. The wind rocks our boats and fills it with water and makes it sink. Our lives will then be like the boat of the disciples where Jesus was travelling. The very presence of Jesus is the special reason why we are buffeted. The enemy of our souls tries to weaken our lives and threaten us of serious danger. Our very existence will be put in doubt when the wind blows and rocks our boats. Our immediate response to such dangerous winds and waves is to become anxious and loose our confidence. In our exasperation, we will try to do what we can based on our experience and smartness which often fail miserably. When everything fails, we will start praying to the Lord to intervene. The Lord knows the wind, our spot in the sea and how dangerous our situation is. He knows what to do to save us and our boats. But He expects us to express our helplessness to Him and ask Him to come to our rescue. He is capable of handling the wind and the waves because it was He who created these elements and forces and knows that these forces will obey Him. But He wants to remind us to be prepared to meet such eventualities in life and always go to Him for rescue. He wants us to acknowledge our total dependence and reliance on Him to save our lives. Our dependence on Him depends on the level of our faith in His power and willingness to save us in such dangers.

Dear friend, today you are reminded by the Word about the fact that even as Jesus is in your life, you are susceptible to dangers, most of which are caused by the enemy of your soul to buffet you. Some times, the Lord takes you through such storms and winds to teach you basic lessons in faith and trust in Him. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate the glory of our Lord as He reveals His power to intervene in our affairs. Perhaps right now you are going through such times of gale, storm, waves and the breaking up of your boat. It might be in your realms of temptation, job loss, financial difficulties, false accusations, misunderstanding of your integrity, misinterpretation of your acts or words, friendlessness, loneliness, family life, church life or poor health. No matter what it is that you are faced with, you must remind yourself of the fact that the Lord is in your life and He is with you right now. He will not run away and leave you alone to handle your situation, but will be with you to strengthen you. If you ask Him by faith, He will intervene and stop the wind and the waves from shattering and swallowing you up. He will remove the dangers that you foresee in your situations. He will also remove the fear that you are gripped with and will fill you with His joy which will be your strength to go through the present situation. The Lord was with the disciples in the boat and He stopped the gale. He was with Peter as he was about to drown in the lake when he tried to walk on it. He was with the Jewish nation whenever they thought that there was no hope for them. He was with Patriarch Jacob and his son Joseph when they went through tough situations. He delivered David from all his adversities. He gave personal escort to Daniel and his three brothers when they were in danger in lion’s den and in the fiery furnace. He never left John alone in Patmos, nor forsook Paul through shipwreck. This Lord is with us today even as we go through mighty wind, fierce storms and powerful waves and He will take us through it and bring us out safely as we learn great lessons of faith and trust in Him.

Mark 4:39 – (Jesus) got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.

Thought for Today
The Lord is with us in the storms of life and will take us out of it through His power for His glory and our comfort.

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