Friday, September 9, 2011


Support on Slippery Ground!

Verse for Today: Friday, September 09, 2011
Psalms 94:18 – When I said, “My foot is slipping,” Your love, O Lord, supported me.

Life in this world has its uncertainties because this world is a slippery place. No matter how careful one is, there is no surety that people will not flatter. When God’s children have to fight battles in such a slippery world, it is likely that our feet sometimes slip. The enemy of our soul uses dubious tactics to make us slip and fall. He, with his agents, will lay traps of various kinds to make our feet stumble. We often stumble over the hindrances which lay waiting for us on the way. The enemy also plants fear of the unknown hindrances as we take our steps forward. When we are engaged in spiritual warfare, the enemy will try to trick us to fall. If we do not rely totally on the Lord and do not wear the whole armor of God, we will stumble. When we do not wear the whole armor, we are in essence declaring that we do not need it and that we are sufficient for the war in our own strength. We need to shed such false self-confidence and trust the Lord to strengthen us as we wear the whole armor of God and engage the enemy. In spite of it all, our feet might slip as in the case of several servants of God whom we meet on the pages of the Bible. Elijah was about to stumble with depression. Moses stumbled with anger. David stumbled with moral sin. Peter stumbled with overconfidence. John and James stumbled with the desire to get position in the kingdom of God. Lot stumbled with materialism. The baptizer stumbled with doubt and confusion. But we also find saints who never stumbled, like Joseph, Daniel, Gideon, Enoch, Joshua and others. Peter was smart when he cried out to the Lord as he felt that his feet were slipping. If we cry out as we slip, our Lord will come to our rescue because He loves us and has compassion on us.

Dear friend, has your feet ever slipped or have you ever come to the verge of a slip in your spiritual walk? Instead of getting frustrated because your situation has become slippery, you need to lean on to the everlasting arms. You can hold on to the Rock of Ages and be firm. You can claim God’s promises to keep you going even when everything around you seems uncertain. If you cry unto the Lord, He will surely hear your prayers and show mercy to you and rescue you as He rescued Peter who was walking towards Him on the water. He rescued Jonah who cried unto Him from the belly of the fish and made use of him in a mighty way through a second chance. He heard the cry of repentance of David and allowed him to start all over again. He reinstated Peter in the ministry and used him in special ways to open the kingdom of God with the key which was entrusted with him. He will send the right support at the right time when we cry unto Him for help because He loves us so much. He will have pity on us and save us from stumbling. His hands have not been shortened so that it cannot be extended even in the most difficult situations. His ears have not been deaf to the prayers and cries of His children. His support is guaranteed to those who crave for it. His love and mercy will not let us fumble and His strength will encompass us. Today and every day of our lives let us go to the Lord and plead for His help and support as we are engaged in the battle. Let us also remind ourselves that the battle belongs to the Lord.

Psalms 18:36 – You enlarge my steps under me, and my feet have not slipped.

Thought for Today
My feet will not slip in the spiritual battle because the Lord holds my hand and I hold His hand.

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