Saturday, September 3, 2011


Yearning for God or His blessings?

Verse for Today: Saturday, September 03, 2011

Psalms 84:2 –
My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord; my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.

Deep and passionate desire of a child of God for the Lord is the mark of true devotion and love for Him. Such a desire is what the Lord expects from us. He desires that we respond to His love and the revelation of His glory with panting for Him and His presence. When we are filled with His Spirit, we will have the deepest desire for Him because the Spirit is the Spirit of agape love foremost for the other persons in the trinity. So when the Spirit has full control over our lives, we would do what the Spirit would do in and through us. It is a desire which is divine and satiating. When we are thus filled with the deep passion for the Lord, our body, soul and spirit would be filled with that passion which we would want to express before the Lord in worship, prayer and communion. The Lover of our souls wants us to love Him back in this manner so that He will be pleased with our devotion. He wants us to show Him our undiluted and relentless love which encompasses our whole being and all that we have here on earth. He wants us to prove our loyalty, commitment, dedication and surrender to Him through such expressions of true love which is not limited through words or some money we drop in the offering bag on Sundays. He knows well that if we love Him truly with our whole heart, mind and life, we would give ourselves to Him as true worship. As He gets us in worship, He knows that He would get all that we have also as spiritual act of worship. He is seeking for such true worshippers. This is the way to forget ourselves and our situations and get lost in the wonder and awe of the Lord.

Dear friend, are you aware of the deep desire the Lord has for you? He is not interested in what you have in terms of material things because He is not seeking any thing material from you. He desires your total and unconditional devotion to Him. He wants you to have deep panting and passion for Him so as to give yourself to Him without reservation. He helps you to give yourself to Him by filling your heart with Himself through His Spirit. But He will fill you only if you empty yourself of your self with its human angularities and ramifications. When you empty yourself of the self, He will find your heart and life ready to be filled with Him. That is when you do not have any desire for any thing that the world offers. Your priority, preferences, likes, dislikes and goals will change and become Him and His realm. You will then seek His kingdom and His righteousness. Your heart will be filled with His joy which will be your strength to weather away any of the pressures of this world. You will find satisfaction in such a life which is fully sold out on Jesus Christ. You will be concerned about continuing in such a life rather than the mundane things of this world. You will want to drink from His reservoir and be quenched of all your desires and will not want to go to the broken cisterns of this world. It is a life like that of Caleb as he climbed the Hebron hills as an old man with a heart full of faith and love for the Lord. You and I are challenged today to develop such deep love and devotion to the Lord who sought after us when we were lost, and to live for Him and not be bothered by the greedy world around us. When we are thus lost in Him and His love, all that glitters in this world will be like shadows in the light of His glory. We will then seek Him and not His blessings in this world.

Psalms 42:1 – As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God!

Thought for Today
When our yearning soul gets itself lost in the wonder and awe of our Lord, we would experience heaven on earth.

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