Thursday, September 8, 2011


Exaltation leads to humility

Verse for Today: Thursday, September 08, 2011

Psalms 92:10 – You have exalted my horn like that of a wild ox; fine oils have been poured upon me.

No one can truly be exalted unless God allows it. But God exalts His children in a world which opposes and oppresses them. In spite of the temporary material progress the worldly people achieve, they cannot lift up their head in the wake of emotional or physical infirmities. They bow their heads because of heavy pressure from their circumstances. But God’s children lift up their head no matter what their circumstances are because they live in this world as royal priesthood and children of the Heavenly Father. Because their Father is the King of the Universe, they can live like princes and princesses. They enjoy the spiritual quality of their lives because they live as royalties. Their standard of living is not determined on the basis of the material things they possess, but the riches they have in Heaven. All the riches of Christ are made available to them to enjoy and appropriate. They live as the sheep of the Great Shepherd in His green pastures and near His cool waters. All that they need are provided by Him even when they walk through the dark valleys of life or dwell in the midst of enemies. Their face shines with the glory of the Lord even when they fast and pray because the oil of gladness is rolling down their cheeks from their heads. They might be seen as paupers in this world, but they lack no good thing because their Lord is sufficient for all their needs. They can hold their heads high and live like kings because their Lord enables them to lift up their head like wild oxen. They bend their heads only in the presence of the Lord in worship because their Lord is the ruler of the whole universe. It is thus a blessed privilege for all His children today to live like the children of the benevolent Father and bear witness to His goodness and benevolence.
Dear friend, are you living a low life as if your Lord might not be alive? Does your dignity come from the material things that you possess or the height of spiritual riches that you have seen by faith in the presence of your Lord? His riches in glory will not dwindle or fade even through eternity. You are free to draw upon these resources for your daily living, with your head exalted. Your head should not be lifted up in pride, but with the realization that your Lord lives and has provided for your daily needs. Your riches in Heaven are not measured in terms of earthly yardsticks and you will be able to enjoy its abundance in quality and richness in texture. It satisfies you completely and meets every desire which is governed by His grace. Abraham enjoyed these spiritual riches while living in tents in Canaan, but Lot couldn’t enjoy even the material riches even when he lived in a bungalow. In the midst of famine, Elijah was provided for his needs through ravens and widows to full satisfaction. For Paul, it didn’t matter whether he ate or drank because the temporal provisions were never his priority. Those who trusted the Lord found satisfaction in whatever He gave them and they were exalted and filled with gladness in spite of circumstances. There is a call for all God’s children to come to this realization of the richness of the Lord they have inherited and to enjoy it for their daily living. Their heads would be lifted up as the children of the great King and hearts bent in humility as they attribute all glory for all that they enjoy in life to the benevolence and grace of our Lord. Let us enjoy the exalted living granted to us today, in utter humility and contrite spirit and exhibit its joyfulness as a witness to the Lord.

1 Peter 5:5 – Therefore humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the right time.

Thought for Today
Only the humble will the Lord exalt, and their humility will lead them to acknowledge it all to the grace of God.

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