Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Light to prevent stumbling!

Verse for Today: Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Psalms 119:105 – Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Lamp and light are required for the night traveler who has no other way to see the pathway. For a child of God, this world is a dark place like the night. As he travels through this dark world, if he doesn’t have enough light, he might lose his way and get stranded. But the Lord will not abandon His child and will make sure that he has enough light for the path as well as for the feet to see properly and go forward. This guide for the path and the feet is the Word of God which is eternally secured in Heaven. It gives the traveler light to discern the right way. It also helps him to see each step of the way towards his destination. In this world, unless we walk circumspectly, we will falter and stumble. We need to see the pathway with the light of the Word. We also need to see the next step which is shown to us by the lamp. The darkness is fierce. There might be traps prepared for us on the way by the enemy of our souls. There could be wild animals to attack or terrorize us. To thwart these schemes of the enemy, our Lord prepares our way and shows us each step of the way. He also gives us the faith to trust Him to show the way. He is with us to help us see each step forward with His light and lamp. His Spirit who indwells us will lead us to the right direction given in the Word for each of our situations and circumstances. The Word is invested in our hearts so that we can meditate on it day and night to prevent us from faltering during the sojourn. We need to be diligent and watchful to make sure that we do not stumble and must trust the Lord and His Word to keep us going.

Hello dear reader, are you longing to know the will of the Lord in different areas of your life? Do you feel intimidated by the darkness that is around you? You need to remind yourself that the Lord has made all provisions for you to walk fearlessly and with confidence. His road map is absolutely reliable, and we should know how to use it properly. It is the Word that is given to us to read and meditate day and night. If we do not take time to meditate on it, we would sidetrack and become spiritually weak and powerless. Thus we would develop doubt and confusion about which way is right. Once we start questioning the will of God, we would grieve the Spirit of God who is the writer of the Word. The enemy of our souls will make our lives so busy as not to find time to read, meditate and study the Word. If we take time to study and plan a trip that we take to an earthly destination, how much more do we need to prepare for our pilgrim way? When God has already given us the Word which is our instruction manual, it is our responsibility to use it effectively. When we have a light and a lamp given to us, it is up to us to use it to see properly to walk towards our destination. Those who ignored it have experienced tremendous heartache because they have ended up in taking detours. Abraham took a detour to Egypt and ended up with painful consequences. Jacob took another detour and had to suffer for over 20 years. David went the wrong way once and its consequences touched so many lives and ended up in sorrow and irreparable damage. These are all warnings for us to watch out lest we will also stumble. Let us today use the lamp and the light of the Word to learn which way to turn as we tread the path of pilgrimage. Let us walk after the Master in His footsteps and in His light so that we would not go astray. There is no greater thrill than walking with Jesus on His path!

Psalms 36:9 – For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light, we see light.

Thought for Today
The Lord has given us His light and lamp and holds our hands so that we would not lose track and go astray.

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