Friday, September 16, 2011


Revealed and hidden miracles

Verse for Today: Friday, September 16, 2011

Psalms 136:13 & 14 – To Him who divided the Red Sea asunder, His love endures for ever, and brought Israel through the midst of it, His love endures for ever.

When we read about the miracles performed by our God, we are astonished and we marvel at it in seeming disbelief. Its account itself is magnificent. But what would have been our reaction had we been actual witnesses of it? It is hard to explain how the beneficiaries of these miracles handled the thrill of it at its occurrence. They would have been excited and emotionally elated and would have shouted out the praises of the Lord. They would have watched the divided Red Sea in utter disbelief and would have been lost in the wonder of it all. But then it would have taken them tremendous faith to go through the middle of the sea to the other side. The distance would have been a few miles and would have taken several hours to cross. They would have realized in utter amazement that the fierce sea is standing as a wall on either side of the pathway. Humanly speaking, there would have been a lot of apprehension for the people to cross the sea. There could have been disbelief and intimidating and frightening thoughts until each person has crossed the sea and landed on the other side safely especially when they realized that their enemies were following them. In other words, it would be tough to go through a miracle and get oneself lost in the wonder of it all. It certainly requires tremendous strength in our souls to experience the thrill of a miracle which takes place right in front of our eyes. Abraham would have had that thrill all his life whenever he saw Isaac. Jacob would have found it so thrilling to look at the face of his beloved Joseph in Egypt. Israel would have found the thrill of watching the ruins of Jericho. Daniel would have looked at the lions and got lost in the wonder of their non-response to him. The three Jewish young men would have experienced the wonder of not getting burned in the furnace.

Dear friend, are you experiencing the miracle of the leading of the Lord through daily events like the sea billows, fiery furnace, devouring lions and the taste of true vine out of water? Do you simply experience it as some fairy tale or are you filled with the thrill and wonder of what God is doing in your life especially when you don’t deserve it at all? Do you experience the excitement of God’s hand in your situations and circumstances? Do you fully fathom what He does in your life to sustain you each moment and provide for all your needs? Perhaps it is nice to meditate on the miraculous deliverance from the perils of earthly life and the traps of the enemy that He grants in your life. If we know the full dimensions of what He does for us, it would be too overwhelming for us to contain the thrill, wonder and the resultant gratitude. It would turn our moments with the Lord absolutely amazing and at the same time fearful as we experience these miracles He performs in our lives. It is an awesome experience to go through these great wonders and miracles each day, many of which we do not even realize. He leads us through these magnificent miracles each moment in our lives. Each moment He sustains us through His acts of protection and meets our needs which to us are amazing and unbelievable. To understand this, we only need to look at the functions of our body and see if any thing less than a miracle will make it work so smoothly for years together without major breakdown or maintenance. He has built it with the capacity for self-maintenance. Look at the way we breathe and see how each breath is a miracle without which we stop living. When we deeply understand each of these miracles, it would help us to be humble and broken before the Lord and fall prostrate before Him in repentance and contrition. Such an experience of true brokenness will lead to true worship, sacrifice of our self, absolute consecration of all that we are and have, and be lost in the wonder and awe of His magnificent glory which is at work in us and our situations. He does it all because of His immeasurable lovingkindness, mercy, grace and love for us. Can we ever mistrust such a wonderful Lord? Can we ever give Him any thing less than our best so as to enjoy His best in our lives for His glory and honor?

Psalms 136:4 – To Him who alone does great wonders, for His lovingkindness is everlasting.

Thought for Today
God’s lovingkindness is demonstrated covertly or overtly in our lives wonderfully and miraculously.

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